Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun thoughts.

I have promise my sister in law Mary from Crafty Gals that I would do this.
I love to read books to my kids and then do Craft.
This idea came to me when I was teaching. I was trying to find
"The Little Red Hen" But I came across this book
"The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza) "
What a cute book. I thought to my self this would make a great Chore cart.
Here is how
1st Read the book to your kids and get them involved.
2ND How many people do you have in your family?
that will be the amount of slices there are.
3rd The toppings will be your chores make sure they are age appropriate, ALSO make sure
everyone has chores to do.
4Th you can put them in a envelope or for fun make a bowl and pull them out of there.
When they are done put them on the pizza.
5Th when the pizza is all full you can have a pizza party.
I would love to make this chore chat but two out of the three don't eat pizza so this would not work for me.
When making a chore chat make sure it's something you can stick by, and something that works for You and your family.

Here are some others idea.
I hope you enjoy.

I'm making my magnet boards this week Love them.
There are some many ways you can do chore chart. What do you do and does it work for you.

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