Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All my bags are packed ready to go.

So I really haven't written a lot about my pregnancy So if you have liked that then STOP reading.
I have been to the hospital 2 times my contractions have been 4 to 5 mins apart and then they just STOP that's right just stop. The first time it happen it was all right but the second time it happen I called my Doctor office and they told me to go in. I asked them many times if I just can come into their office and get check out. They say "I really think you need to go into the hospital I really think it's time" again they sent me home.
I'm at a 3 1/2 but the hospital wont keep you unless you are a 4 so close but so far. The story of my life!
My doctor thought for sure I would be a 4 today but no nothing. So I will just wait some more. Good news they will take me in on August 4th. so on Tuesday, and maybe I'll win The Natalies Plummer Giveaway Baby Shower. You have to check it out.
Thanks for letting me vent I know this will not last forever and I really can't wait to see Mason!
But if you see me anywhere and I'm still pregnant PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE THAT BABY.
Thank you!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just a question.

OK I was just reading this article on where you were when your water broke.

With Tanner I was at home went to the bathroom and went for a long long time. When I came back to bed I was still liking just a little and then it hit me that my water broke. I had a hard time waking my husband up because he was sleeping so peacefully, I think it took me about 2 1/2 hours with 2 more trips to the bathroom to wake him. All my other kids were at the hospital.

I have always heard the stories about " my friends friend water breaking in the grocery store" but I think it is a Urbain Legend.

So I would love to have you tell me, where were you when your water broke?

Oh on a side note did you know that only 17% of woman water brakes naturally.

Happy 24th

Our ward celebrated the 24 early this year. The first 3 pictures is the kids in the parade, McKenna was not that happy to be there.
I love the picture of Emma.
Tanner was so hot he was racing some boys to the finish line.
They had lots of games for the kids and the adults.
I hope you can stay cool.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For all those that wanted to see me Pregnant here I am. Thank you Katie you are awesome for doing them for me!
I really like this one the best.

Nana and Grandpa!

Will it's time to say Good Bye!!
Just in case you did not know Rob's parents left on there mission to England, London.
Good luck on your Mission we love you guys and will miss you!
( oh and if anyone would like to buy a great house please look here)

My kids!

Here are some funny things my kids are saying.
Emma: I asked Emma if she was was going to be a big sister soon she told me " No I'm just going to be the big baby!, and Mason can be the little one!"
Great I'm going to have fun with this one.
McKenna: Mom I can't do it My baby needs a rest. She always tells me this with her hands on her belly. I wonder were she learned that from. ;)
Tanner: He has been writing notes and putting them on doors they say" no girls allowed"
then he gets mad because the girls try to make the same notes that says " no boys allowed"
So I joined in on the fun and said no whiny, "cheeky or screaming kids allowed"
They all did not like that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super Mom

How many times do we hear "I just a Mother" I have to admit I have said it more then I want to share.
I can remember helping Tanner's teacher out, when a lady came in and started helping out to. I was trying to be social and asked her who she was, her reply was "I'm just the teacher aid." I looked at her and said you shouldn't say it like that you should say it like " I"m the Teacher aid!"
She laugh and re-said it again "I'm the teacher aid and who are you" "Oh I'm Tanner's mom." and I quickly pointed him out to her.
I'll get back to the story latter

When Tanner was diagnosed with autism I prayed for help I will always remember the first answer I received it was "play to his strength to over come the weakness" I really did not know what that meant until I wanted to teach him how to talk. I tried everything that the speech therapist tough me and he would not talk for me.
One day I looked at Tanner playing with his toys and notice he talked to them just fine and then it hit me.
Lets play pretend with Tanner I learned allot about Thomas the train and all of his friends I bought lots and lots of Thomas books and movies. Soon he was talking to me and other people. Thomas helped us count, learn about colors, shapes, and even tough us to read.

OK Back to the first story

So why did I say "oh I'm Tanner's mom"
I have taught all of my kids to play to there strengths and then I just shyly said "Oh I'm Tanners mom!?"
Why is that we don't play on our strengths In fact why is it we down play our strengths and bring out our weakness . I'm not just Tanners mom. I'm a mother and Tanner is my son.

Now looking back that answers to my pray was not just for Tanner, but that answer was for me
I'm listing to a book on tape "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson and just on the first part of the introduction it says My path is not your path and your path is unique to you.
We as women need to remember that. Remember that you are a SUPER MOM in spite of what the world says. Play to your strengths I may not be a Coupon clipper, Designer, Cook, or a writer but I'm a mother. so please keep on sharing your straights , I love reading about them!
P.S. Thanks for reading !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

Yes Yes I know I'm late but better late then never right.
We had a fun filled weekend we spent the day at Nana and Grandpa house.
played and played with cousins and let of some fire works.
Here is Tanner and McKenna doing sparklers, Emma was not that into it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tea time.

The girls wanted to show Nana and Grandpa how to have a tea party the proper way before they left on there mission. Here are some highlights.

Will the first thing you have to have is a proper hat, Nana and Tanner have that taken care of.

The next step you have to pour the tea.

Last but not lest you have to look cute

But as yo can tell the tea party turned into a poker game.