Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daddy daughter date.

We are trying something new here.
Each month we are doing a date with the kids.
We pair them up like girls with girls, boys with boys, oldest with oldest and youngest with the youngest.
I think you get it, anyways we had our first date and man they were so excited.
We set the date and what we were going to do.
Boys were going swimming, the girls were going to have a tea party with dad.

Do to the fact that Dad had the camera you will have to take my word that it went GREAT.
We swam at the pool for 2 hours grabbed some food on the way home and watched one of our movies.

When I came home the girls could not stop talking about their date with dad.
They told me what they talked about like BOYS and who they should kiss and not.
Nice Rob NICE!!!
They talked about there nails but the thing they talked about the most was the
I saw this at the mall and thought they would love to have them.
It's the little things right Miss McKenna would not take it off she sleep in it.
Went to church with it and if she could of gone to school with it she would of.
I had to draw the line some where right.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My dear Grammy.

My very special Grammy pasted away she was 93 so it was time.
I still do miss her and so do my kids. we have decide to remember her in many was.
But let me back up a little when Grammy turned 90 we had the great opportunity make a book for Grammy.
We called all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren, there wife, and husband to send us a letter to her.
Things that stood out to them.
It was so neat to read all the letters that were written on how Grammy catered to everyone needs. She know everyone like and dislikes, She always found away to make that person feel so special.
After reading all of them. There was one thing in common they all said something about her
Chocolate chips cookies.
Anyone that came and visited she gave them one.
The Bishop spoke and he felt so special that he and his family got to share in that tradition.
One more thing that everyone mention was her red hair.
As much as I wanted to color my hair red (not really)
I just decide to paint mine and my girls nails red.
We also made Cookies set up a cookie stand and gave them out.
I love that feeling.
People asked why I told them of my Grammy and I also gave them a
"Book of Mormon" to honor the next thing that was in the letters.
Their two mission and serves of over 35 years in the temple.

Grammy I miss you and will always remember the sweet memories that you gave us.
I know you are with your true love Grandpa
I know your in a better place I love you oodles ad noodles
P.S. If there is cookies in heaven make sure Conner helps out.

Oh pictures are coming.