Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can you just see this on your little one, so CUTE.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Better late then never.

Better late then never!!
This year I decided to make PJ at the last minute, But I ran out of time and had some one else help me out with Tanner's.
Tanners didn't make it they were way to small.
Next year right.
Yes I even did mine and Rob's.

Early in the week the family got together at my sister house and had a party.
(Kate, Emmy, Emma, Mason, Tanner, McKenna, Ellie, )
Austin was being a tween and didn't want to join in.

The older kids have been talking to Emma about Santa I think she knew more then them this year.

This has a great story behind it like last year she didn't want to see Santa she wanted to go to the Temple and see Jesus. For once I thought we finally did something right teaching her the true meaning of Christmas.
The next picture is the kids at Temple square in front of the Christus I wasn't there but Rob told me what went on.

notice that McKenna is not Happy you think that she would be she only asked us to see Jesus 20 times a day.
When they got there she keep on saying that she wanted to see Jesus even tho she was standing right in front of him.
Rob keep on saying he's right there. Mckanna got really mad I guess she thought she was going to sit on his lap and talk to him.
What a sweet girl.

Tanner had a Christmas story moment he was telling Santa what he wanted. All he said was Bakugan. About ten minutes later in a panic stricken voice he exclaimed, "I forgot to tell Santa I wanted Bakugan for the Wii!" I had to smile. Reassurance came when I told him he included that request in his letter to Santa.

What a thing to do this year some one choose us for the 12 days of Christmas each day they gave us one piece of the Nativity scene this was great for my kids.
I was sad that we didn't get to find out who choice us.
Thank you to who ever we LOVE it!!