Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a week.

I haven't been blogging because of my last blog. Every moment I have been taking care of McKenna. Good news, she doesn't want to go in her underwear any more. Bad news, she's just holds it.
I've been reading sites on this and asking doctors as well they all tell me to use Miralax. This will be my first day of using it wish me luck.

***I promise the next blog will not be about potty training. ***

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help me with Potty training.

I need some help to potty train my daughter McKenna. With Tanner I asked my friend Lauren. She was just the ticket that I needed. It took Tanner 3 days and he was done.
McKenna 1 and half.years latter she is still not potty trained. she can go number 1just fine in the toilet, but not number 2. no way. Now I know she can do it I 'v seen her go number 2 but just a hand full of time.
I think I have tried everything. keeping a chart, stickers, candy, taking toys aways, making her clean up her underwear, telling her princess goes to potty in the toilet. not saying anything to her about it and just cleaning her up, getting mad at her and then getting mad at myself, pleading and asking her why she wont go in the toilet. She just looks at me with a glazed look and says nothing. I've tried have Rob help me out with it because dad always means business but that too didn't work.I tried just letting her sit in it and guess what... that didn't work either. I think it bothered me more then it bothered her.
I tried just putting it on hold and putting diapers on her, but she just pulls off her diapers and puts on her underwear. I tried to hide her underwear and she just puts on her pants with out any underwear on and goes number 2 in them. Someone gave me the advice of not using wipe and spray her off in the shower. She hates it but it still isn't working. And I hate doing it to her but I need to replace it with something .I really want to help her go number 2 in the toilet. If anyone has anything please please for love of McKenna and I share. Thank you
O by the ways McKenna is going on 4 years old I would like to put her in preschool and she wants to go but not if it means being potty trained I've tried that too.

Thank you for all the love you have given to me and my family in our times of trail. Love you all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things just happen.

If you haven't read my last two blogs before this one you might want too. I had found out that I was pregnant I was only about a month and two weeks into. Last night sadly to say I miscarried. My family and I are doing fine. I'm just a little light headed from time to time. and still pasting stuff ( to much info right). Anyways the doctor told me to take it easy for the next couple of days. So I'll just be sitting around watching "Friends"the movie to Cheer me up. Thank you for getting excited for me and wishing me luck. You guys are great friends and family.
Rob and I thought we should try to explain what happen after the talk
Tanner told me "Don't be sad his baby brother will come soon."
McKenna keep on telling me "I'm going to get my baby McKenna soon but not to soon because she is heaven" I did even think they understood what was going on. This just shows me that they still are close to heaven and remember!
Emma says "Baby brother went bye bye."
Thank you again for all the support you have given me even if it was just for a week or two.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo time.

Can you believe this I think this is the first time Emma went to the zoo, I think I took the kids once a month before Emma was born. With Tanner going to school and us moving we have just had to put going to the zoo on hold. Rob's sister husband, my brother in law took the pictures I think he did a great job.
O I forgot to tell everyone I broke our camera. The lens broke right off. So that will be about 200.- 300.00 dollars. I'm trying to sell some stuff on E-bay and KSL to pay for a new one. I'll set up those links latter. Anyways I forgot how much fun the zoo was, and how much it has changed. We had a great time and will do it again soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh babies!

As you all know we just moved in. Will our first time we went to our ward was last week.When we got there it was fast Sunday and they were doing a baby blessing of twins. I didn't think anything of it until I started to look around. I'm not kidding I saw twins everywhere. Their were one couple in front of us and they had twins. I turned around and their were not one but two families that had twins. I went into Sunday school and again I saw a different family they had twins.
Rob and I talked about it latter and he told me there was a father in priesthood that had twins. I started to ask around and found out In our ward we have 8 families that have twins and 1 more that has triples WOW.
With that said I also found out that 3 of them had invitro but what about they other's. They said "Theirs something in the water" :- }

I have to laugh , Rob and I just found out we are expecting. Will I only had a little bit of the water before I got pregnant right? Twins or no twins we are sure blessed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm not JUST a stay at home mom!!

My cousin did this on her blog and after today I need to do this. In this world a stay at home mother is sometime viewed as JUST a stay at home mother. I know that I can't change everyone opinions but I need to change mine, and this was the challenged that would do that. I was challenged to make a list of things we feel we are doing well as mothers. I think everyone should do this, so if you are reading this TAG you are it. I really don't like to tag people but one I'm going to make a exception.
I had to really think hard on this one and even had to ask my husband to help. Now I am not perfect at any of these, but I really do feel I'm trying and do a pretty good job at it.

1-I try to teach my kids that they can do it, to try there hardest and if that does not get the job done then they can ask us to help.
2- I teach my kids to except others and never say no to a friend.
3- I try my hardest to teach the home they live in, is and always safe.
4- I teach my kids to be creative.
5- I am good at saying "I love you" to my kids" giving them hugs and kisses. In return they give me hugs and kiss back.
6 -I am also good at helping my kids find out how they are feeling. If they are happy, mad, sad, or,excited. I try and put a name on it. This helps me so I can fit there needs emotionally.
7- I read to my kids daily I think I read about 3 hours a day. Tanner is reading, McKenna knows some site words and staring to sound out words, And Emma she know her alphabet and most of her sound.
8-I try to make them healthy food, and for dinner we all eat as a family.
9- I take they outside and play as much as I can.
10- I try hard to keep in mind where they are in there education.
11- I have been spending 5 min a day with each child and telling them what they mean to dad and I.
12- I teach my kids they can dance. Have you ever heard that saying "dance like no one is watching" we so do that everyday.
13-Rob and I teach our children to pray when ever they need to. I can remember the first time time Tanner, McKenna and even Emma said there first pray,
14- I know when I need a time out, and ask for help.
15- I set goals for myself to be a good mother.
16- I started teaching my kids about the earth and that we need to take care of it.
17-I teach my kids about there Savor, Jesus Christ.
18- I try and change things up and not do the same things over and over again. (Rob said that)
19- I try hard to teach my kids consequences. (Again Rob said that)
Now I may not be perfect but, everyday I try a little bit harder. I would love to hear from you and see what you have to say. After all we are all in this together, and we can build each other up.

Something I would like to teach my kids,
* teach them how to save and the value of money.
*I read this one on my cousin wife blog. Never speaking down to my children " saying they are being brats and or stinker to explain them. I think my kids hear that way to much from me.
*I would like to stop yelling out my kids. Now I don't yell all the time, But when I'm trying to get a point across or just get mad I seem to start yelling. I would love to stop that.
If any one would like to help me or have any tips on helping me please do tell.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Park hopping .

I could not get the kids to look at me all they wanted to do is throw rocks in the river.

Tanner saw me editing the pictures and wanted me to turn him blue.
Blue if you can't guess is his favorite color.

McKenna did not want to get off of this tractor. Luckily there were two more on the playground.

The kids have been so good with the move and everything .I thought I should treat them and go to some Parks. So we went Park hopping we went to three different parks that day. We would have going to more but Tanner had to go to school. I had fun taking pictures of the kids, and the kids had fun playing. It was a great day and they told dad all about each park.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Brummmmm brummmmm!!

I woke up one morning and decide to get out of bed all by myself. Now most of you guys are laughing because you don't know what it is like to get me out of bed. 90% of the time Rob has to pull,drag or coax me out of our bed. Anyways back to the story. So I came out and the kids were saying dad will you make me a car. I laughed and I didn't think anything of it until I saw what he had did. 
Now you have to remember that my husband is a graphic designer so he can draw.I'm not saying that because I can't, but my husband is great at drawing. I have to tell him he can't draw any more for the kids, because they keep on saying "no mom that not good, I want you to draw like dad." Hopefully the kids will get Rob's talent.

Maybe Rob could put this in his portfolio.
He can make pictures out of pancakes. Wonder what job that will land him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My sister Becka and I wanted to see the leaves in American Fork Canyon. So on Monday we took the adventure for FHE. Mary and Alex came too. They made tinfoil dinner, but we were running late like always and picked up Wendy's. We all thought this would be a good time to take family pictures. My sister took our family picture and tried bribing my kids with money, It worked with Tanner but no go on McKenna. Good try Becka, I think I'll have to to hire a professional to take a family one. 

My kids have not stopped taking about it. Rob and I will try to make a trip up there again. I really love the fall. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tag I'm It.

OK so my friend Rhe tagged me so here you go.

10 years ago I was.
-I was single 
-Working allot
-Going to school
-I think I lived in St George
-I'm sure that I was dating some one but I can't remember who?

5 thing on today's (tomorrow's ) "to do" list.
-Unpack some more boxes
-Clean the house
-go to the doctors
-get Tanner off to school on time 
-mow the lawn

5 snacks I enjoy.
-Kit Kat's
-chips and salsa
-Reece pieces

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire.
-pay off my house 
-finish the basement
-go shopping for the whole family
-Save and invest

5 places I would like to visit.
- and Anywhere.

5 jobs that I have had.
-picnic deli
-gift shop in Zion Indian village 
-UCCU credit union 
-Granite credit union

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if any would like to do this let me know and I can tag you. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME.

I had the funnest time my husband gave me a beautiful picture of the St George temple . He also surprised me with a luau where we ate and watch the performers. Watching the girls dance brought me back to the days when I performed. Oh the days when I was young. I tried to take some pictures of the event,  but it was dark and I really don't know how to take them then. I saved some and I hope you guys enjoy. O I just turned 29 if anyone would like to know.

Happy Birthday to Rob,

I really did get to say Happy Birthday to My wonderful husband. Rob Happy Birthday I love you tons. 
33 reason I love you.
1- You finely asked me on a date. 
2- You were not afraid to do steam roller over me and my friends. ( before dating )
3- You allways make me laugh
4- You got 100 % of your home teaching. (Rob home tough me when I was single.)
5- You love me all the time.
6- You give me the best hugs in the world
7- You gave me 4 wonderful kids ( Conner, Tanner, McKenna and Emma)
8- You help me with the dishes.
9- You read the Harry Potter books to me.
10- You help with our kids
11- You can cook.
12 -You eat my cooking.
13- You don't mind talking to me when I'm mad.
14- You go to the store and pick me up women supplies
15- You still open the door for me.
16- You still whispers sweet nothings to me.
17- You still surprise me with flowers. 
18- You don't mind helping me out with my eyebrows. ( yes girls he helps me pluck)
19- You help me paint my toe nails when I'm pregnant
20- You respect your priesthood 
21- You support me in my calling.
22- You lead us in family pray.
23-You took me to the temple.
24- You didn't ponce me when I said no to you when you asked me to marry you. (I said I was j/kin)
25- You take care of the family.
26-You still ask me to hold your hand.
27-You still laugh at my jokes.
28-You still tell people that we are still newly Wed's ( we have been married for 7 years)
29-You served a mission.
30-You care about others.
31-You love your family.
32-You always care about our relationship
33- You take me out on dates.

Honey I will love you now and forever. I hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday. 
Love ME and the Kids

Wow what a move.

We finely have Internet. OK here is what has been going on. Two of us has had Birthdays. Rob and I. Rob took me to a luau, pictures and thought are coming soon. We moved in on Rob birthday, but I did get him some clothing that he so badly needed. Tanner stared a new school and I'm trying to get McKenna into a preschool. but she is still not potty trained. If any one has any info on that please please do tell. She goes number one in the potty but number two is just not happening. Allot of people want to see our new home so I'll try and get pictures of that soon. I 'm so glad to get back into the blogging world again. Latter!!