Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Rob,

I really did get to say Happy Birthday to My wonderful husband. Rob Happy Birthday I love you tons. 
33 reason I love you.
1- You finely asked me on a date. 
2- You were not afraid to do steam roller over me and my friends. ( before dating )
3- You allways make me laugh
4- You got 100 % of your home teaching. (Rob home tough me when I was single.)
5- You love me all the time.
6- You give me the best hugs in the world
7- You gave me 4 wonderful kids ( Conner, Tanner, McKenna and Emma)
8- You help me with the dishes.
9- You read the Harry Potter books to me.
10- You help with our kids
11- You can cook.
12 -You eat my cooking.
13- You don't mind talking to me when I'm mad.
14- You go to the store and pick me up women supplies
15- You still open the door for me.
16- You still whispers sweet nothings to me.
17- You still surprise me with flowers. 
18- You don't mind helping me out with my eyebrows. ( yes girls he helps me pluck)
19- You help me paint my toe nails when I'm pregnant
20- You respect your priesthood 
21- You support me in my calling.
22- You lead us in family pray.
23-You took me to the temple.
24- You didn't ponce me when I said no to you when you asked me to marry you. (I said I was j/kin)
25- You take care of the family.
26-You still ask me to hold your hand.
27-You still laugh at my jokes.
28-You still tell people that we are still newly Wed's ( we have been married for 7 years)
29-You served a mission.
30-You care about others.
31-You love your family.
32-You always care about our relationship
33- You take me out on dates.

Honey I will love you now and forever. I hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday. 
Love ME and the Kids

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