Monday, November 25, 2013


I thought the pumpkin was eating her. 

She could of hide in this one. 

What a cute pumpkin ; } 

Food for thought.

This would be Tanner every meal time. I could count all the items he ate on one hand. 
I would make two meals every time. It started to get overwhelming when my other son Mason though he could do the same thing. 
I talked to my friend who is a specialist. She wanted me to try this 
1st have Tanner tell you things about the food.
Now one thing about Tanner is if you ask him to describe something he will tell you something he saw and then say it like this.
2nd he can't say any thing bad about the food. 
3rd have Tanner touch the food not eat it but touch . 
4th take a small amount of food and have him put it on the side of his mouth. 
We often put food right on your tongue where your strongest tasted buds are.  Putting the food on the side of the mouth helps out with the tasted. 
I had Tanner do this for the first he eats anything. It may not work every time, but I don't have to make two meals every day now. 
I am so happy that Tanner is trying new foods that are good for him.    

SUEEE WEE it corn belly time!!!!

I love love spending time with my kidos.
I took the kids out of school early and spent 3 hours at Corn Belly, after that we spent time with dad at Chill's

I think I want this one framed. 

                                   Mason really wanted Tan-man to ride with him.
                                                               What a good sport. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

first day of school.

5th grade
5th grade where has the time gone?!?

Dad told me that I couldn't go to school to take pictures of him he was getting to old.
next year I'm doing it.
Tanner will be a early bird so he goes 1.15mins early and comes home early to.
love spending one on one time with him.

3rd Grade I get to be a teacher aid in her class so fun.
McKenna thinks its so cool that she is taller then her teacher.

1st grade what a big year for her all day she will be gone. I miss her all ready. 

Mister Mason will have to wait a couple more days until he gets to go to preschool. 

One week latter.
It's preschool time!!!
he was so excited and went right in.

He has a great teacher she is so good for him. 

Summer Time

This summer was bitter sweet  I worked full time :(  but when I had time off I made the best of it. here           are some pictures. 
Take me out to the ball game 


Yard sales


The kids truly did make lemon aid out of lemons.
We did so much but sometime you need to put the camera down and enjoy the fun.

                                   Happy graduation day Emma

I love that Rob had the chances to designed the diplomas this this year. 

Emma has a singing part this year. 

This little girl has grown up so fast.
She was so sad that she didn't get to stay in Mrs Bryson class for the next year. 

Happy birthday Boys!

                         Yes I have gotten that lazy that I needed to clump them all in one post.
I was still on crutches so Rob took Tanner's friends to lazer Tag.
I'm so glad Tanner has great kids to hang around. 

Home made Birthday cake chocolate by request
Happy Birthday 10 is a great year love you tons.
Mason Birthday
it great to be four right.
Well thats what Mason thinks.
I love that my boys loves each other so much.
I love that mason brings out the boy in Tanner.
Tanner gave Mason the best birthday present ever ,
He let mason win in wrestling.
love my boys.

Supper man he wears it all the time happy birthday little man love you tons.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's great to be eight!!!!
A all girl party
I think this was the easiest birthday party ever.

Love you tons Miss McKenna. 

One of the happiest days of her life . 
A quote that she said to me over and over that day.
Happy Happy Birthday little lady.