Tuesday, September 3, 2013

first day of school.

5th grade
5th grade where has the time gone?!?

Dad told me that I couldn't go to school to take pictures of him he was getting to old.
next year I'm doing it.
Tanner will be a early bird so he goes 1.15mins early and comes home early to.
love spending one on one time with him.

3rd Grade I get to be a teacher aid in her class so fun.
McKenna thinks its so cool that she is taller then her teacher.

1st grade what a big year for her all day she will be gone. I miss her all ready. 

Mister Mason will have to wait a couple more days until he gets to go to preschool. 

One week latter.
It's preschool time!!!
he was so excited and went right in.

He has a great teacher she is so good for him. 

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