Friday, December 26, 2008


I really love this time of the year. Christmas always brings my kids together. I love how they play together, speak, and acted. This year Tanner told us the story about Baby Jesus , I really think  he got it this year. McKenna and Emma learned about the gift of giving. They are getting better an better. 

Every year we try to do a new tradition. This year we asked if Santa would help and he said yes. We asked Santa to please write down some things we did go on last year. We also made him some cookies and left a glass of milk. 

I hope every one had a Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 100 th post!!!!

I wanted to make this big and GRAND!!! I wanted to make this post something to remember, But I got nothin. You guys are going to have to settle for this. On  Saturday we got to eat breakfast with Santa Here are some pictures. 
Then on Monday we made Ginger bread houses with our kids. 

 Emma had no problem going up to Santa for the candy, But anything beyond that she was not quite sure of !!

If it is pink McKenna will find it. We went to the store to buy a house and came out with a castle.
Mckenna waiting for Santa!!

McKenna seeing Santa will she will have nothing to do with him. 

Tanner and dad making the there house. I think they make a great team. 

I think this is the first year Tanner wanted to seat on Santa's lap. When he was waiting in line he was telling me what he was going to ask Santa for Christmas. The list went on forever, But when it was time he froze. I had to sign to him the things he told me.

Emma did not want to make a house with us, but she did want to eat the candy. She is our sweet tooth in our family.
I hope you guy enjoyed and yes this may be boring to some,  but not to me and my family thank you for spending the time t look and have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Blessing from above. (wink)

This blessing from above is Conner, 7 years ago I gave birth to our 1st son. Happy Birthday son!! Every year we send off balloons to him. This year we made it a FHE event and tough our kids about the plan of salvation. I don't know if my kids understood but they do know Conner is there brother. Tanner and McKenna talk about if allot.
You might be wounding why I put wink in the title? Lara from overstuffed reminded me about the blessing the lord gives you. I can remember the blessing the Lord gave us during this time. If you would just indulge me I would love to tell my story.

We found out I was pregnant in August 2001. I went to the doctor the next week he informed me that I have been pregnant for about 3 months, at that time he asked me if I wanted to have some blood work done. Now at this time insurance companies would not pay for this tip of blood work. But I still went ahead in doing the blood work. A week latter we got the results and they were not good. Conner was not developing right, half of his stomach was in his unbilicord. We were assigned to a specialist doctor that we knew Rob's insurance would not take. But two days before, UCCU my work was getting better insurance plan but cost a litter bit more. But I also taken off my probation period a month early and received a raise that off set the cost. (WINK, WINK, WINK)
Rob always went to my doctors appointment but there was one appointment that he could not go to. Latter that day I found out my younger brother was having his home coming that week so I had to reschedule. When we came home we went to the last appointment with our regular doctor. There Rob and I heard Conner's last heart beet. Also Rob felt Conner for the fist time. The next day we had to go to the specialist doctor. There he gave us the news Conner had pasted away. (wink wink wink)

Now some of the winks were not winks but full on blessing. I know that this trail was meant for Rob and I. I know the Lord wanted to make it as peaceful as possible and I thank him for that. I hope we can remember the blessing as will as the winks. I know the Lord knows us individually and will always bless us according to our trail.

Happy Birthday Conner we love you!!