Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and some more pictures.

Wow I can't believe this month is over. Thanks giving week is over and man has it been busy!!! Here are some pictures. We first kick off the week with going to watch the Jazz game. Rob's work gave him tickets. This is Rob's first game and boy was he spoiled! We were on the first row right behind the Jazz players. When they took the time outs we could see there plays and what they were going to do. The tickets were worth 450.00 a piece. We got free dinner and parking. Rob and I had a blast.

The next set of pictures is Rob and some people in our ward playing Turkey bowl.
This was fun to watch, at first the men were running and really trying to go for the ball. But thing changed about 30 mins into it. If the ball did not come to them they were not about to run for it. Then if they got the first down they just put the ball down, and started the next play, they did not even try to run and make a touch down.

I love this picture Tanner getting ready to kick the ball. He made me go home and get his cleats but I did not mind it made him so happy.

Here are the kids making pies on Thanks Giving. I really want to say that I'm so so thankful for my family. Rob and his love, his understanding, his kindness his willingness to be a wonderful husband and father. I love you so much honey. I'm so thankful for my kids they are so understanding to me and help and remind me that I can be a good mother. Thank you kids I really could not asked for better children. I'm so blessed and thank God every day for all the bless he gives me.

This was on Saturday when my side of the family had Thanks Giving. We had it at our house and I was so busy and for the first time did not take allot of pictures. Here is Alex after eating and Jacob getting ready to leave. All of my kids feel asleep after dinner maybe that is why I didn't take allot.

And on Sunday we drove up to Richfield to go to Robs Uncle and Aunts farewell they are going to Tonga on their mission we wish them the best. I have to say this got me excited to go on ours when we get to that point. I know it is a long long ways away. But it is a goal we are and will be working on.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanks Giving I know I did!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What a great idea.

I was looking around to find some ideas for FHE and found this idea. You cuts out construction-paper turkey feathers and mails them to your relatives. You asks each person to write on a feather what he or she is thankful for that year and then return it to you. On Thanksgiving you read them out loud. what fun I know it is to late to do this but what fun for next year. I did find a fun FHE idea thank you Miriam.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma

Happy Birthday Emma!!!
Emma is two years old this year!
Emma loves her Winne the poo blanket, she loves all music just so she can dance. When ever we go anywhere people stop us and say she is so pretty and ALWAYS say same thing about her looooong lashes. Emma loves to paint herself and color every where, she loves to read. Emma we love you so much, every day we that Heaven Father he gave you to us. Our family is so blessed with you. Emma we love you tons and I hope you have the best number 2 Birthday ever!!!

( Emma was Tagged awhile ago you can see it here just some more info on her)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Cards!!

The Holidays season is here. If you want a special or unique Christmas card Rob is your man. Christmas card that will fit your style. The prices varies depending on what you need,But we will try and keep it in your price range.Spreed the word
Happy Hawley Day's
( this is the only time of the year I get to say that.)
Phone number you can call

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What is going on.

We have been so so busy. On Sunday we were asked to give a talk for this week. The talk is a great one it is by  President Dieter F. Uchtdorf " The Infinite Power Of Hope" the funny thing is we were just given this talk in Relief Society and I was think to myself, "I hope I don't have to give this one" I reread this talk on Sunday tyring to get familiar with it. Not know what the week held for me. 
We have been having some concerns about McKenna her speech, her hearing and her behavior. We went to have her tested for early intervention. But did not expect to hear this. First the good new her IQ is a genius but her behavior does not fit that. All three test show that she has Asperger my heart just dropped. I thought she was just mimicking thing that Tanner did but in a McKenna way. Do to the fact that she tested so high academically she does not qualify for early intervention. I asked them " can't she get in with the fact you guys say she has Aspergers?" again they told me that she is way to smart and I quote. " You can come back when her behavior get worse "  At that point I wanted to cry. "They keep on showing me her scores and telling me again that she did not qualify she was over by one point bring her back in 6 months or so." I began to loss hope and right then I stared to remember the word that I have read,  " the Infinite power of hope, The importance of hope and things we hope in and for. I heard them in my head like someone was reading them to me. I started to cry not for the reason of the test results but for the comforting words I was being giving. 
They also tested McKenna in her hearing which she did not pass so Rob and I went to the hospital the next day and got her retested. Which then she pasted in her left ear but her right ear has a little bit of hearing loss that may come and go this is quit normal. I have to say this was a big relief to hear. 
I have been trying to set goals for myself so today I told myself I would not raise my voice in anger all day long. ( i thought i should take it one day at a  time) . Now by doing this I  I real think I gave my address and all my info out to Satan. 
-1- Emma woke me up at 5:00 
-2- Mckenna went #2 in her underwear and would not let me clean her up. (eventually she let me) 
-3-  Tanner open my bathroom door and let McKenna in and they both got into my make up.
-4- McKenna throw a great tantrum in Target. legs kicking arms flaying and screaming her head off.
-5- Emma mixed up 3 sets of puzzle and made them one right after I cleaned them up. 
the list could go on and on but I did not raise my voice in anger not once. I did discipline them but never raising my voice in anger. 
This gives me hope that I can make it I will not put a red flag up on my door step for Satan to take away my hope. Instead I will put a white flag up for the Lord, I will surrender myself to the Lord and give him my trust, and hope. 

***** Here is what I need from you guys I would love to know what Hope means to you?****
I would love to use it in my talk if you would not mind. 
O and if anyone has any info on Aspergers please do share.

P.S. I also voted for the first time good times.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Will me made it Halloween is over. I really do like Halloween what I hate about it is getting ready for it. 90% of the time I have to get all of the kids ready and most of the times they hate it. I have to say the kids looked really cute and had a great time. We went to Robs work and trick-or-treat. His work go all out in decorations. Then we hit a few house on the way home. Great Grammy was one of them my Grammy rocks she is almost 91 but she never looks over 60. Love you Grammy.

I had to wake the kids up McKenna was not to happy about it.