Sunday, March 9, 2014

This year the kids were in a play Tanner was Samuel and the girls was angels. 

The girls were singing angel and they were great. 

When they asked me if Tanner would play Samuel.
 I was thinking this might be to much for him. I think they read that on my face.
They quickly told me that three of people felt inspired to asked Tanner.
When asking Tanner i told him that I would help him with everything and would make his outfit if he would like.
He then said yes and asked to say a pray to help him.
Right before he went onto the stage I heard him say to himself "I can do hard things"
This boy amazes me and the things he will do even when it is very hard for him.

Getting ready for Christmas. 2013

I think Mason is very excited what do you think?

Let me tell you a little about this picture.
When Rob's mom pasted away we wanted to remember her during the Holidays.
The kids decided that this angel reminded them of her.
I can't remember which on of the kids found the star, but I do remember that all of them said
"and this on can be for Conner" Little do they know that on Conner grave stone it has the same star.
Rob and I knew it was meant to be. 

Happy Birthday Emma Lemma!!!

We did American Girl Party.
As you can see we made tutu for our AG found on Pintrest.
 We also made matching necklaces. I think the girls had a great time.

Happy Birthday my favorite 7 year old girl love you tons. 

Halloween 2013

I just love my kids!!!

McKenna had changed her mind everyday at last she ended up being  a witch. I bout this out fit at savers for 3.00
I dressed up the hat and boom you have a cute witch. 

Tanner wanted to be a Ninja something simple because we had the outfit already. 

Emma found out that McKenna was going to be a witch so she wanted to be one too.
Bought this at Savers and the hat for 5.00 dressed it up and boom cute witch.

Masson wanted to be a Fire fighter I think all my kids has been this at lester once.