Friday, July 20, 2012

This year I was excited to run, do to my knee last year I was out most of the running season. : (
This year I got to run with my Loooooooong time friend Kathy.
She did so good we stayed together for 4 1/2 miles our goal was for 3 miles then she wanted to time under 1hour and 20min she got that by 2 mins. way to go.
Cant wait to run again!!!


On June 22 2012
Thousands of people in Saratoga Spring and Eagle mountain had to be evacuated

This was the street right above us
The fire started out in the back of the mountain and then moved quit quickly to the side  with in about 30 min.
I know that that we were going to have to leave, I told my two kids that were home to pack some stuff up for them and there brothers and sister. Lucky Rob had the day off now he just need to come home with Mason.
(Side note Rob took the day off because I need him to take Mason to some testing)
I packed up everything that We needed grabbed out 72 hour kit and left everything behind.
I saw Rob heading as I was leaving told him I had everything but he still grabbed the tent and is computer.
My kids were great they remembered thing that I would have forgotten. things I learned from it is always make a

We knew our house would NOT get burned but it was pretty scary. 

there was only one way. thanks to the ground crew we got out pretty quick. 

Scout camp!

This year I got to go to scout camp with my son. What fun they passed off I believe 8 requirements.
I love working with these kids but most of all working with my son Tann man. 

look are that stand love great Tanner was on of the boys that hit something and not the ground. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mud run 2012

Yes that's right I did the mud run again three years in a row. Had a blast this year I recruited Kathy, and her sister My husband made the awesome t-shirts LOVE them. 

The before and after.

This year I thought it was way harder and a lot muddier the weather was great and our group was so fun!!!  I don't know if I will do it next year but most likely I will.
love a good adventure. 

I love family time.

I LOVE family time!!!!!

Mc Kenna gymnastics

This year Miss McKenna took gymnastics. At the end of the year she showed off what she learned.
What  a cutie can't wait for next year.