Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love it when things come together so well.
Emma does pre-school kind of like Joy preschool.
The only thing that is different is we don't pay
I have the letter R and Rhyming
I got this off of Pinterest and LOVED the idea.

I used the book "Rhyming dust bunnies"
My kids love this book.
I used the template from
or you can just click here
Then I took the idea from this site

I used Styrofoam balls 2 1/2 but you could get smaller ones if you wanted to for the body.
wiggly eyes will for the eyes
Feather boas for the body
A dowel to hold on to
pipe cleaners for the ears
and paper for the nose
so cute.
I also grabbed
the Grab show and tell bag from this site.
"Fairy dust Teaching"

What a cute ideas thank you thank you for making Preschool a Big success
I can't wait for Friday more fun stuff!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, New goals.

New year New goals.
This year we wanted to have a scripture, but which one.
I needed to think of one fast FHE was coming.
When I went to church our lesson was on making new resolutions.
Sister Carrick gave a great lesson with the scripture
Luke 2:52
"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."
then she broke it up
Wisdom= Knowable
In favor with God=Spiritual
In favor with man = social
Were braking up goals so my kids (me) don't feel overwhelmed.
Each month we will set ONE goal, then add one each month.
By the end of the year we will have 12 goals 3 in each categories.
We will talk about them and how each kid can achieve the goal as a individual and then as a whole family.
It's been working out great but it's only been 3 days.
wish us luck!!!

What's your trick for making it work?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas day!

What a great day!!!
The weather was not snowing but warm so the kids could go out and play.
This year I still made Christmas pj from my Grammy old sewing patterns
Mckenna's night gown was a new style from my Grammy box.

I made them with no help
But when I started to make Emma's I didn't have her size.

So I pulled out my old pj pattern and used that one instead.
I think they turned out so cute!!!

Tanners and Mason I love too.
Its almost like Grammy was helping me make them.

Their is only certain time that kids get so excited Christmas is one of them.
I LOVE IT!!!!!

This year my kids could hear the Christmas bells.
They believe they really do I hope you believe and had a wonderful time with your Love ones.
I know we did.
Have a Happy Hawley days!!!!

Hawley's Christmas parity

We went over to Grandpa's house to have dinner and play games.
i was in charge of the games so I did "win it in a minute."
Here are the pictures.

Balancing ornaments on a yard stick
Seth and Lindsey lost by one.

Grandpa and Juliann just look at them go.

Cookie roll I used a powder donut trying to get the donut in your month with out using your hands.

Lindsey was the one that could do this.

I have no idea what this one is called but you blow the card down the table with out letting it drop off the table.
Debbie won Rob their as you can see.

Fishing for candy canes.
Just like it sounds Rob won that game with catching 4

Maybe we should have played button up Mason shirt.
We also played move the ornaments from one side of the room to the other,
without using your hands.
How many marshmallows can you throw threw the Christmas wreath.
I love creating merories Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Temple square

This is McKenna favorit thing to do.
It's also mine I love watching my kids run to the statue of Christ.
This year they don't have a cored around him so they could fell the nail prints in him.
We got some fun pictures I hope you enjoy.

Tanner took this picture not to bad.

A night out in the town.

We just wanted to have some fun so we went out bowling.
We had so much fun, mason quickly learned that you don't run after the bowling ball.

Tanner got two strikes,

McKenna really wants to buy some shoes.

Emma wants the shoes to but because they can make her slide better when she dance.

Rob learned that you can win with out bumper pads.

I loved how the kids cheered for for everyone.

We had dinner there pizza and yes Tanner had his nuggets.

As you can see Mason choice the pizza .

Tanner karate.

We started Tanner out in karate this year.
We wanted to have him have a outlet for his energy.
I think this is a great fit for him.

I love that he can do this NOW.

Chrismas kids program.

I always love hearing kids sing
I love it more when my kids are singing them.

McKenna was so excited to sing she talked about it all week long.
She also talked about what she was to wear.
Any Christmas colors shirt red, green, or white.
She came down stairs with three shirts on.
as you can see I made her take two or them off and explained to her what her teacher meant.

Tann Man is rocken it out in his elf hat.
This year he really sang I believe I even head hi sing.
Love that boy.