Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas day!

What a great day!!!
The weather was not snowing but warm so the kids could go out and play.
This year I still made Christmas pj from my Grammy old sewing patterns
Mckenna's night gown was a new style from my Grammy box.

I made them with no help
But when I started to make Emma's I didn't have her size.

So I pulled out my old pj pattern and used that one instead.
I think they turned out so cute!!!

Tanners and Mason I love too.
Its almost like Grammy was helping me make them.

Their is only certain time that kids get so excited Christmas is one of them.
I LOVE IT!!!!!

This year my kids could hear the Christmas bells.
They believe they really do I hope you believe and had a wonderful time with your Love ones.
I know we did.
Have a Happy Hawley days!!!!

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