Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love it when things come together so well.
Emma does pre-school kind of like Joy preschool.
The only thing that is different is we don't pay
I have the letter R and Rhyming
I got this off of Pinterest and LOVED the idea.

I used the book "Rhyming dust bunnies"
My kids love this book.
I used the template from
or you can just click here
Then I took the idea from this site

I used Styrofoam balls 2 1/2 but you could get smaller ones if you wanted to for the body.
wiggly eyes will for the eyes
Feather boas for the body
A dowel to hold on to
pipe cleaners for the ears
and paper for the nose
so cute.
I also grabbed
the Grab show and tell bag from this site.
"Fairy dust Teaching"

What a cute ideas thank you thank you for making Preschool a Big success
I can't wait for Friday more fun stuff!!!!

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