Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A gifts from above.

Here us Tanner when we walked in.

My sister in-law posted this on face book.
Some one was doing FREE dental for kids ages 5-12 for families that need it.
Well I jumped on that right away. I only got Tanner in because he does not have insurance. my other kids do.
This was Tanner first time going to the Dentist.
I have always been afraid to go.
I always thought Tanner was going to bit off fingers.
It took many years for him not to hit and yell at the Salon and they just touch his hair.
Anyways my husband and I talked about what noises he was going to hear and what they would be doing.
We told him about the chair, light, what they would be wearing.
I also to him about fingers being in his mouth and he should not bit them.
When we got there he was doing fine not great but fine.
The first thing that he said to the Hygienist was " Don't worry my mom told me that you are going to stick your fingers in my mouth and not to bit them"
She had a good laugh.
but then the melt down began.
They wanted to take pictures of his month and we forgot to explain it to him.
The only thing we forgot and the easiest thing he feel apart.
The minute we said "OK tanner were not going to do that" he sat down open his mouth and said
"OK then start cleaning my mouth."
He did great after that latter he told me that he wants to be a Dentist.
Thank you to light house
here is there web site.http://www.lighthousesmiles.com/

Tanner was trying to talk to her for the whole time.

Here is Tanner helping him count his teeth Oh and he has no cavities : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help us decide.

How many of you have tried this with your fake Christmas tree –
using the car fresheners that smell like pine and hanging them inside the fake tree.


Just lighting a scented candle.

Friday, December 3, 2010


When the weather was nice I wanted to take some pictures of the kids.
The only thing was Rob took Tanner to do a service project. So her are the girls and Mason.

I love this picture of the girls they were just having fun when I told them to just look up.
I love it!!!!

With the hat on it makes him look like a Russian soldier.
At lest that's what Rob says.