Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pre School.

I love doing pre-school the letter that was given to me was B for bugs and Butterfly.
The first day we went on a safari hunt for bugs and read "Bug Safari"
I bought them Nets for the dollar store. then we made caterpillars out of beads and pipe cleaner .
I turned them into a butterfly for the snacks that I  found on Pinterest. We also read Miss Spider tea party and of course  made a spider .

The next day we read and " The busy little spider" and "The Hungry little Caterpillar" for snacks we made fruit salad to go along with the Hungry little caterpillar, but the best thing that was done was the Wings I made for the girls.

As you can see they LOVED them. They were so easy to make and so cute. I'll miss this Girl most of them will be going on to Kindergarden in September. 

Double trouble!

Mr. Mason we love this boy and he wants to grow up so fast. He loves to help and always wants to make sure mom is taken care of. Here is is making me breakfast  
 To cute uh right?!?! but not so cute the second time whats that saying ‎"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME!! 
 Here is his punishment The sad thing is I think he liked his punishment too.

March the tricky leprechaun.

This year we decided to get together with your neighbors to try and catch the leprechaun. 
What a great looking crowed 

 We are missing a coulpe of people in this pictures our sweet Gage and Mr Mason I think he was taking a nap.
 As you can see our street is low on girls My girls make up half of them. But the nice thing about this is their be best friends forever.
T-man Tanner has a great crowed around him at all times here are two of them Levi and Justin. 

Are you ready part 2

We also get Tickets to Utah Jazz here is one of the Games 

 Let me explain the first two pictures on of the breaks I mean time outs the "green men" came out they picked out a little boy and let him play. This Little boy really made the show the crowed was going wild by the time he end. He did nothing special just hit the drums but the look on his face was priceless!
I can't remember what game this was but they lost by a half of second, so sad!!! I wish I would of taken a picture two people there but we looked up and saw President Monson in the box seats and 
President Uchtdorf pretty cool right!! 

Are you ready.

 Rob has a new job that gets a lot of perks. We have gone to 5 and said no to at lest 2 other games.

               He  also gets tickets to other venues like this one Can you guess where this one it at?

University of Utah Gymnastics

As you can see the girls LOVE it Tanner and Mason had a good time to but not as much as the Girls.