Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!!!! (part two)

I have wanted to start a new tradition with taking pictures with them, I hope that I can keep it up. : )
Emma we love you very much you never walk or talk you ALWAYS dance and sing.
You are always friendly to everyone.
You love to learn and you teach me many things
I love that one of your favorite things to do is to cuddle and read books.
Emma I hope you always remember that dance like know one is watching and sing to everyone.
I love you tons little lady!!!

Some of the things that have going on during the year.
Emma is doing pre-school and learned to write her name. She can count to 25.
Her favorite book is "Brown bear Brown bear what do you see"

Happy Birthday Emma!!!! (Part one.)

It was Emma 4Th Birthday she wanted to have a ALL GIRL Birthday party.
This was the first time that I did one. She also wanted to have a "tea party"
This was so fun to plan out. I wanted to get tea party hats but this it the wrong time of the year to buy that stuff.
So we sent for crowns but guess what they were all out of them. so we just turned the visor hats around.
I think they worked out just fine. I wanted the girls to paint cups but they were out of them too. so we did mugs and the girls LOVE them.

The cake that I made.

We had little girls there and it went so well.
Happy Birthday girl we love you tons.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Corn Belly.

Ok I first have to say this.
Thank you to all the people that gave us there half off coupons.
With out them there is NO way we could of gone.
We had a great time and the kids did not want to leave.
We stayed there for 3 hours Love it!!!

At the end they had some face painting done.
It was a great day weather was great and the lines were not that bad.
I was just looking though some pictures and found some that I wanted to post for a while.
I also wanted to clean out all my post that I haven't posted.
I love this picture she dressed herself and was proud of it.
We were at our neighbors house celebrating the last day of school.
We have the best neighbors.

Monday, November 1, 2010

you might be over weight .......

You know those red neck jokes. Well here is mine
You might be over weight when your Doctor of 9 years ask you "when your baby is due",
as you are holding your 6 months old in your arms, AND as he rubs your belly too.
Yes this is my life.
The only thing that makes me laugh was watching his face. I really could see the wheels turning in his head saying "OH CRAP this does not feel like a pregnant belly.
I quietly told him "um I'm not pregnant"

After that I told myself that I have to change I have to do something about this.
I started to do some exercising with my friends and lost SOME,
but not allot.
During that time my neighbor said I should join the biggest loser group her parents have.
She told me the cost only 35.00 not bad if your husband had a job. I sold some stuff and was in.
I weight in at 170 yes that is right 179 and wore a size 16 AND I was only 5.3
My sister in laws gave me some eating info and work out plans.
Here is the info Love it and it's free.
I did my first 10k June 26 at Lehi day with my sister in law.
She had to wait over 20 min for me. After that
I have done four more 10ks , one 5k and one half marathon.(13.1)
I have lost 35 pounds gone down to a size 8 and will be trying to lost 10 more by the end of the year.
Some of the people that have been inspiring to me is My sister who ran her first 5k with me.
My sister In-law Michelle who has 2 kids, and a very busy life. Every time I see her she is looking healthier and healthier.
And my other sister in-law Mary who has been cheering me and Pushing me to do some of this runs.
But most of all is my FAMILY my husband has been giving up allot for me to run.
Love that man!!!!
I'll be getting some pictures of the 13.1 mile run soon.