Monday, August 25, 2014

Some of Summer time fun 2014

Never a dull moment! 

last day of school 2014

I'm so proud of my kids.
Lets party now!!!!!!

Graduation day MASON pre school 2014

This little man was graduating pre school. poor kid was sick but still wanted to go. 

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my oldest kids saw him and was so proud of him. 

When we were coming home out ward was doing play group.
What a great way to end the end of the school year. 

Happy birthday SON Tan-man 11 years old

If you can't tell Tan-man got a bike for his B-DAY  love you tons big guy !!!

Lets go fly a kite 2014

The kids were so excited Mason was bouncing from one kite to the other.
the creating new traditions. 2014

Easter 2014

Ready set Go 

just had to post Easter 2014 

Happy Birthday McKenna

9 years old is a big deal to this girl. this year we had a American Girl doll camping party. 

Thanks to pinterest I found this great idea so easy and she loved it. 

You can't have a camping trip without a tent. 

their were 12 girls one of the girls left to fast. what a great group of girls. 

crazy and cute. 
Happy birthday girl love you tons!!!

The night at the Temple

We took the treks and the kids loved it. Mason even found a new friend. 

it wasn't busy at all. the girls danced while Tanner and dad had a great talk. 

Christmas 2013

Ever year I let the kids pick out fabric for their Christmas PJ and I buy them christmas socks. 

Did you know that you can grow candy canes only on christmas eve?!
This is a tradition that we will carry on for years. 

Santa was so very messy this year he left tracks every where.