Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school!!!

School is here and boy are they ready.
Here is one family that will be going with my kids.

She has Mrs Bryson, which was Tanner's teacher and the teacher that I Sub for.
She LOVE being in school.

My Tan Man will be going into Mrs. Bradly Class.
I got to work with her when working at the school.
I think she is the perfect fit for him.

Emma will be doing Pre. School with some of her friends they will start a little latter
she can't wait.
I really can't believe summer is over we had a great time doing things together.
I wish the best for my kids and know they will do there best.
Love you kids

P.S. I asked McKenna how she liked her first day at school she said
" Mrs, Bryson class is way to long."
We had to laugh she is the one the has been doing a count down for school.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Book club anyone.

I stole this idea from my friend. We started a book club for the kids Tanner age. We did the "Magic Tree House" the kids can choose any books out of the magic tree house they read the book, write a report about it.
We have a party every two weeks until school starts then we will try once a month.
Thanks for the idea Miriam

We had six kids plus Tanner.
Noticed Tanner is the only one that is making a mess.

We made book marks, and made Gold Medallion

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our family went camping for the first time by ourselves.
Everyone was so excited, kids were counting down the days.
Then wouldn't you know it Mom gets sick.
I was not going to let anything stop me so I still went.
Me being sick made me forget about Mason and trying to make him comfortable. I had to drive him home and then return back to the camp late.
So we still need to work on Mason liking camping OK just the sleeping part of it.
Any suggestions?
I think we tried everything, let him cry it out; did that for 4 hours.
Let him fall asleep in your arms and then put him in the tent; did that 5 times.
Try driving in the car and then put him in his bed; did that three times.
You see I love to camp, but from last night you really couldn't tell.
We have a ward camp out in a week and I think we might have to take two cars, and I really don't want to do that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Magic Hat.

We had a DI drive. I was in charge of getting volunteer in our ward. It takes many hand to do. Anyways I went on Friday to help set up and found this hat I could not pass up.
I had not idea that it was going to bring this much joy.

Yes even Robbie got into it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We have a birthday!!!

Yes Mason 1st Birthday. OK it was a week ago I'm a little behind. I was thinking I haven't made one of these videos for a long time and now I know why.
( so much editing )
I'm happy with how it turned out so that is good right.
I hope you enjoy.

Here is the cake I made for him he loved it.

Mason son I love you so much you complete our family. I love that you are a mom's boy and always want to be with me. Your family loves you TONS.

Fun in the SUN.

The weather here has been up and down, but today it was great.
I decided to take the kids to Wheeler Farm.
Man did they have fun they went on the hay ride and rode pony's
they feed the ducks Mason wanted to take them home.
This time I bought the kids cowboy hats.
I LOVE taking pictures of them there.
The only thing wrong was my camera battery was going out. : (
I guess we'll have to go again soon : )

Not the best picture but you take what you can get right.

It was fun to see what the kids did with there hat.
Tanner always wanted to let Mason wear it.

McKenna just wanted to look the part.
She was so HAPPY to finally get a cowboy hat.

Emma turned it into a sun hat and posed for the camera.

Mason just wanted to play with it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kennecott Copper

Here are some of my GEMS.

We had a friend tell us that in July Kennecott Copper were letting you come in for free. So I called my sister in-law packed some lunches and went off. The kids had a blast.

McKenna she LOVED being here.

My kids look so small
The king of the mountain.

The lady that is behind the camera.

Free fun.

This summer we have had to do everything free. So I thought I would share the info. Here is a free fun idea for all ages Geocaching. All you have to have is a GPS. Most of you have one on your cell phone. The kids LOVED finding the treasure and putting more in for the next people that come and find it. Anyone can do this just go to this web site and get all the info The kids want to do this all the time now.
We went with my sister and Robs sister thanks for all the fun.

This was one of the Geo that box has been hidden for 6 years. We had a blast reading and seeing what people left. Check it out they are hidden all over the world.