Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hair cut.

Mason has needed a hair cut for SOOOO long, but I can't justify paying 7 to 12. dollars for a baby hair cut.
I know that lots of mom cuts there kids hair, so I starting asking around to see if it would be worth it. I looked around and found a hair cutting set for 20 bucks.
That would pay for it self in two or three hair cuts.
But I need some one to teach me how to cut hair.
The last time I did it was on my little brother
and that was not a pretty site.
His hair line was up to his ears I'm really not kidding

I found a lady in our ward that showed me how to do it.
and I think it turned out pretty good.
I don't have to comb his hair behind his ears any more,
and his hair line is where it is supposed to be.

Here he is with all his hair.
Still very cute but that's a given.


I know you cant really see the hair cut but it's there.
so much better.

Dirty Dash 10K

We were called " Dirty Moves"
When our family gets some money I would like to order me one.
And yes Rob did the design work.

My friends asked me if I wanted to run this with them. I looked at it and said "why not"
I thinking it would be fun!
It was that and then some.
We started off running in the mud up hill.
Ran some more up hill went throw a blizzard they had a snow machine going with five fans.
Then we ran some more on a trail called Roller coaster and it was.
More up and Down hills.
After that I jumped bailey of hay , climbed up 6 feet walls in the mud and with no rope.
Did the tire run, then climbing over fences ran in streams and mud that went up to my hips
then went down a slide and ending up in a mud pit where the mud was 5 feet deep
I LOVED every bit of it and will be doing it next year.
can't wait.

This one was the starting line.
There was a bigger one at the end of the course.
That one was the one that the mud went up to my hips.

This was our slide we went down on, and yes at the bottom was more mud.

If your going to get dirty then you might as will go all the way.