Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just some fun photos.

I love this girl.
She loves those red shoes I bought them at a yard sale for .50, and as you can tell she does not take them off.
I love it when I find buys like that.

If you can't tell Tanner likes Iron Man!!

Hair blowing in the wind. I love summer.

I love this Photo if she could be swinging all day she would.

Tanner and Mason these two boys have a great brotherly bond.

McKenna wants to do anything that makes Mason a happy boy.
She is a wonderful help to me.

Mason LOVES to be outside

I love summer, and I LOVE this boy.

One of our little monkeys, she's swinging in a tree.
The alligator ate the other three up.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Good, Bad and the Ugly!

May was a very strange month. We had ups and boy did we have downs.
In May we started off with the good Rob had some interviews, but they all said no, but not all was lost he did get a lot of side jobs for them.
Next Saratoga Springs had to boil there water luckily ours area did not have to, but you still needed to watch all the fruit you bought. My bad and my girls still got sick. McKenna got sick but Emma had to go to the ER she throw up so bad she torn her esophagus not good.
Latter on in the month we had Tanner Man B-day 7 can you believe I can't.
We also had our Anniversary 9 year and still in love.
After that our roof started to leak in many places. We fixed it well most of it.
Latter in the month it started to leak in one spot, we still can't figures out why.
Next we found out the McKenna is having epilepsy seizures / night terrors. While trying to record McKenna having one Tanner came into the girls room and had one, good times.
Good thing is they think that Tanner is more of a night terror then a seize.
To end on a good note we were able to make our house payment which I really though we wouldn't able to do. I really hope June will be better.
Thank you to all of you who have help out with everything . Your prays , kindness and love have been need Thank you Thank you.