Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas PJ 2012

So I just have to post this one I made pjs again I think I might be getting faster at this. By far I think this year is my favorite. The kids got to pick out there fabric. Got them from Joan annes the day after thanksgiving so a great price.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years. 

Happy Hawley days!!!!

christmas lights 2012

And again not a lot of pictures do to the fact I can't move around. I still had to post the memories

Christmas party Malie side.

My sister always has the best christmas party. Plus she always have a special visitor HO HO Ho. 

Christmas time with the Hawley's

A minute to win it. I was in charge of the games this year and changed it up a bit. I did nut cracker, wrapping bells forgot to wrap it still worked out great.  And the famous move the donut on the face with out using your hands. Rob ended up doing it but not in a minute. still fun.

The knee.

This is the "G" rating of my knee about two weeks after I tore it. 
Here is what happen. On Sunday I was the last to get out of bed for church. when getting out I slipped on the sheets and tore it.  
Nothing cool or exciting same old same old. 
instant pain I screamed for help. 
Rob know this was not good,but wanted to have a second opinion. He called some men in our ward who knew something about knees. They told him we needed to go to the ER right away.
They gave me drugs which I had a very bad reaction to. 
passed out many times while they tried to put the meniscus back into place. 
They gave me pain meds after 3 hours of them trying. 

I ended up getting into a doctor on Monday and surgery on Tuesday. he told me it would be fast and easy, " I should be able to walk right after the surgery" were his words. 
I woke up the meniscus torn in three places and all the way.
he told me I couldn't walk no weight on it for three weeks. 
after three weeks I needed to go to PT. 
I have been going for almost two months three times a week and still cant walk on it. 
I just got my MRI done I hope it will tell me something. 
I can't wait to bend my knee and straighten it as well,it's the small things right.


Pumpkin time my kids love doing this. they had so much fun getting dirty

 this year I didn't get any good pictures of my kid  dressed up here is why.
The Sunday before that Oct 28. I got out of bed and re -trow my meniscus.
I went to the doctor on monday they got me into surgery on Tues. and from there my life has changed. 

thats my food with my ice machine.
more on that next post.

Pine Wood Derby.

This year I was in charge of making the trophies. I found this on pinterest and i think they turned out way cute.  Here is what I did asked around for match cars, spray painted them gold. 
asked around for some board. found someone that would give me some and cut them up. painted them black. Had Rob make up they logos. 
The trophies in the back are made out of Tupperware. 
I wanted to make sure every boy came home with something. 
 cost: 3.00 for the spray paint.  

Look at those pumpkins they are huge. 
This was the weight in for they biggest pumpkins 

Movie night.

I just love movie night the kids are being so nice to each other. 
They even want to share. 

Mr Mason

This little one can always make me laugh.  
 He also has the cutest group of friends. I love seeing them move around and try and get into trouble.
never a dull moment.


This year I get to be Tanner scout master and am so happy! 
I love sharing this part in his life he loves scouts and having his mom be the scout leader. 
Tanner earned his Bear and lots of arrows. 

First day at school.

 Yes that's right the first day of school. (heheh) Mis McKenna is in 2nd grade Mr Tanner is in 4th grade. Miss Emma is in Kindergarten. I can't believe it 3 in school. Mr Mason was very upset at this. He miss all the kids and tries to go to school with them.

This year Tanner has a Man teacher. What a difference this has made thank you Mr Alldred!!

Miss Emma is having Miss Bryson so far she Miss Bryson has had all three of my kids fun!!!
poor boy in two more years. 

McKenna has Miss Wessmen I can't wait to see what she can do with her. 
                             Love all my kids and can't wait to see them grow. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mason Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday baby boy. I can't believe you are 3 you have given us laughs, loves, sweat, crazy, a run for our money, but most of all joy. I have no idea where we would be with out you. we love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday little man. 

We have started a new tradition we make a cake just for the birthday kid.
They don't have to share it