Monday, December 31, 2012

The knee.

This is the "G" rating of my knee about two weeks after I tore it. 
Here is what happen. On Sunday I was the last to get out of bed for church. when getting out I slipped on the sheets and tore it.  
Nothing cool or exciting same old same old. 
instant pain I screamed for help. 
Rob know this was not good,but wanted to have a second opinion. He called some men in our ward who knew something about knees. They told him we needed to go to the ER right away.
They gave me drugs which I had a very bad reaction to. 
passed out many times while they tried to put the meniscus back into place. 
They gave me pain meds after 3 hours of them trying. 

I ended up getting into a doctor on Monday and surgery on Tuesday. he told me it would be fast and easy, " I should be able to walk right after the surgery" were his words. 
I woke up the meniscus torn in three places and all the way.
he told me I couldn't walk no weight on it for three weeks. 
after three weeks I needed to go to PT. 
I have been going for almost two months three times a week and still cant walk on it. 
I just got my MRI done I hope it will tell me something. 
I can't wait to bend my knee and straighten it as well,it's the small things right.

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