Sunday, December 20, 2009

My heart is so full.

(I just like this picture)

My heart is so full I just can't keep it in. Last night Rob received a call from a good neighbor, he wanted us to know that his family was thinking of us and if there is anything they could do to help please call them.
Now we have been receiving many call like this for the past 3 months, but this one I really needed. You see I have been a little down lately and needed a pick me up.
After the phone call was over I talked to Rob about it. It is so interesting that when ever one of us is feeling down someone calls or some one leaves something on our door step.
We know we will be taken care of, we Know our needs will be met. We know God love us and He knows us individually.
I asked Rob can you just imagine our life without the gospel and jobless?
I'm so grateful that we believe in God the Eternal Father and in his Son Jesus Christ. I'm truly thankful for the love he gives to us. I'm am thankful for his example, to me and others. I know that if you seek for his love he will answer, he will provide his comfort and peace over you.
I wonder if I would be writing this if Rob did not lose his job? I wish I could say yes but I really don't know. Sometimes it takes a wake up call for you to realize all the many blessing we have.
I hope that you can get something out of this if anything know that you are LOVED and you are being Watched over.
I'm so thankful for this time of year for us to reflected on the birth of the Savor I hope we can keep the spirit of Christmas all year long.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy HAWLEY days!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blessings, And Thank you!!!

This year we have had to change our traditions due to the money factor. We have asked the kids to only ask Santa for three things. The only think is the kids seem to think that I said put three per day on the list. Kids are so cute.
This year we will be having the kids draw names and then they will have to make a gift for them. Rob and I have thought of thing we can do for each of them.
This year Rob and I deiced to skip giving a present to some boy that would be Conner age but to explain to the kids what would of happen to him if he was alive today. He would of been 8 and been baptized this year. We had the great opportunity to go to our neighbors sons baptized too. Tanner is now so excited to turn eight.
We will not be hosting big party for our friends but now inviting them to come over for deserts and games.
Rob and I have been teaching the kids about the true meaning of Christmas and doing more service project to show the giving part of it.
We have been so lucky to have some choice us for the 12 days of Christmas, We will hopefully do this next year to someone. They have giving us the back round of a manger, star and a baby lamb and the kids are so excited to the next pieces.
I can't say that I have missed giving up things, in fact quite the opposite truly of family, friend, neighbors, and church leaders have really step up to the plate
We have been telling the kids about every blessing we have been receiving, They are so cute they have been blessing though pray all the anatomise people that are helping.
There have been days that we have thought we needed to run to the store and buy something to eat. We go out the front door and there is a food to last us for a week. Rob and I wanted a night out but we really know that we cant afford it and our friends gives us tickets and then our next store neighbors babysit for us for free. Or other neighbors invite us to thanksgiving even thou they had a full house.
My sister son is giving Tanner a bike, My husband sister has been giving my son clothing. each time we have any thing like this has happen Rob and I quickly jump at the opportunity to teach our children about giving and receiving.
I hope our children remember this Christmas I know we will.
Our family are truly blessed, we count our blessings and are VERY VERY thankful for all of them, Hopefully Rob will get a job soon, but until then, thank you for your prays and have a Merry Christmas
Happy Hawley Days

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!!

We have a very special birthday present for you NANA.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This one is for you Nana!!!

Fun things are going on.

I have had this pictures on my screen for about 3 days now ready to post but just have not gotten to it.
Here are some fun things.
Tanner has lost his first tooth this week and he has learned to ride his bike with out training wheels.
I haven't got a picture of that, he says because he is to fast.
Tanner is also jumped into reading this week too.

Emma turned 3 this year she is growing up so fast.
Do to the fact that we are trying to save money , we made our own cake.
She 1st wanted Cinderella then she changed her mind at the last minute, and told me she wanted something else.
I asked her what she wanted she told me Jasmin the only one that would not work for this cake mold.
Lucky she changed her mind and said she wanted Mermaid I think it turned out cute.

The last few weeks Mckenna has been a wonderful helper. She loves her baby brother so much.
She also has been doing Great on her Reading and Math. She LOVES school and she loves her teachers, she just Loves to learn.

Here is Mason this one is for you Nana and Grandpa!
I all so forgot to post a picture of Mason in his Halloween outfit.
Can you guess what he is?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I bet you want one of these

I bet you want one of these!!!

Check out these beautiful temple pictures! Don't you love them? You've seen them in Costco or Deseret Book for $200-$300, right? Well, my friend Cami , has found a way to make these yourself, at a FRACTION of the cost!

This is a beautiful picture, and it's big too. The actual finished size is 26" x 32". It's got that antiqued look, too.

Are you ready to hear the price? $48.92 including tax! Isn't that awesome? Well, if you're wondering how you can get your hands on one of these babies, leave a comment on the blog. You can do this for Super Saturday for your ward, a craft night for your ward, a girls night out for your family and friends, this would make a great Christmas gift for some one, whatever you want.

If you do book a class, There is a minimum of ten in order to hold a class. You get 10% of the total sales to be put towards any picture(s) of your choice. For example:

10 pictures = 1 free picture (10% of $460 = $46)
15 pictures = 1 free picture, 1 picture at 50% off
20 pictures = 2 free pictures

This works for in between numbers as well (17 pictures would get 1 free and 1 at 70% off, and so on). The pictures you are receiving from your benefits do not count towards the total numbers.

The temples available to choose from are: Salt Lake, Logan, Timpanogos, St. George, Bountiful, Idaho Falls, and Manti.

Let me know if you want to book a class!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

And the last post for today. "He hears you"

Now I know all the posts are out of order but I'm not going to change them, so deal with it.
When ever we have any children Rob seems to always gets a bump in pay.
So I was never worried when we had Mason, but a month latter Rob got laid off.
When Rob told me that he got laid off we started to pray, pray for peace of mind , pray that things will get be taken care of fast, pray that Rob will find a job quickly.
I have been focus on Rob getting a job the most so I have been getting really frustrated that we have not here back from anyone that has a opening.
Rob has been doing allot and I mean allot of interviews but they are all not hiring.
So I have been feeling that my prays have not been answers.

But today as I blog and other people bring things by I know my prays are being answered.
Today we have bad two neighbors bring things over for Mason.
One of my neighbor brought over a blue Bumbo seat.
Now we have one but it's purple but I really really wanted a blue one.
I haven't prayed for one because that would be just silly right. so I told myself I would just make do.
Today someone brought that over when I saw it she said she was thinking of me and wanted to give me it even thou Mason wont need it for a while. I really wanted to cry.
Not because I got what I wanted but because I know the Lord is watching over our family and he does answer prays. He knows me and he know you. He really does hear you.
I know Rob will get a job soon and we will be taken care of until then.
Thank you for all that have been praying for us keep it up

Oh on a side note let's help out this family
Diana Biorkman ( a friend of a friend, of a friend ) has a 5yr old son Noah who is in the last stages of a 2 1/2yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer.The family is celebrating Christmas next week and Noah's request is to get lots of Christmas cards. Please send cards to:
Noah Biorkman c/o Scott Biorkman
3480 Petoskey Way
Millford, MI 48380"

Lets see how many cards we can get to this little guy. Please Repost on Your Page!!!
this would be a great FHE.


OK so I forgot to get pictures of my kids in there Halloween costumes (sorry Nana)
I did get Tanner in his Thank you Big Sister she gave this to me so it was free. My neighbor gave me Emma's and McKenna wore the same one from last year. they were so Happy with that. We went over to our long time friends house and trick or treated.
Thank you Clint and Melinda we had a great time!!
I did get some pictures of my girls in there dress up outfits.
and about a week before we had the chance to go to Thanksgiving Point
Emma danced so Emma and I got in it for free I really wanted to take my other kids in but really didn't want to spend the money.
I know this is a silly thing to pray for butt I did. the next day Tanner came home with a free ticket and I called my other neighbor and to see if they were going and they weren't and gave me their ticket. Thank you Debbie and Jeff Goody. We had a great time as a family.

Mason Blessing.

OK so I have been posting stuff about Rob's layoff and nothing fun so here I go.
First we have Mason Baby blessing. Rob gave a wonderful blessing, and then we went back to Rob's sister place and hung out. Thank you Debbie and John.
I wanted to have my children match so I was on the look out for some cute clothes.
I was thinking that it wasn't going to happen. But my prayers were answered. My neighbor across the street makes them and said she would make them for her cost.
They turned out so cute.

One of these days we'll get a good family picture.

(I bought this outfit on KSL for 10.00)

Monday, October 26, 2009


Rob is still looking for a job for those of you that don't know what he does. Rob is a Graphic designer anything that has printing on it or a design he can do. Wedding invitations, business card, logos, Christmas card, books, posters, e-mail adds, mail fliers will I think you get the idea he can do it. So if you need anything like this done Please Please e-mail me or call 1-801-913-6992 we would love to help you.
If Rob doesn't find a job soon I'll need to go and find one. I really don't want to but it wont be for ever and I'll do what I need to we work as a team.
I would also like to thank all of you for your support thank you, thank you. I'm so grateful to have have friends and family like all of you. We love the support and keep us in your prays, if you hear of anything please give us a call.
Oh and you can look at Rob's work or you can click here

Does size matter?

Almost a week ago I heard a noise about 2:30 AM I thought one of the kids were up so I thought I would help them if they needed me.
I called upstairs and nothing then I went upstairs and nothing, but I keep on hearing the noise. So I thought it must becoming from downstairs I quickly but quietly went back on the main floor.
Now rummer have been going around that there has been a Peeping Tom around so I did the safes thing. I turned on the light and said from the top of the stairs " I hear you and I'm calling the Police right now"
The noise stopped so I ran to my bedroom to go and get the phone when the noise came back but it was not coming from downstairs it was coming from my bathroom/ closet. I thought to myself " Oh great he is in my closet tyring on my clothing" but the noise didn't match my thoughts so I turned on the lights and looked and saw what was making the noise. It was a big fat hair mouse that got stuck in the tub tyring to get out.

Now any one that knows me knows I HATE, HATE, HATE mice. So I ran OK Jumped on my husband who was in bed, woke him up so he jumped out of bed to kill the big fat rat. Rob knowing me knew it wasn't a rat but a mouse. when he looked at it he said it was only a baby one. Rob caught it and throw it outside over the fence ( so sorry neighbors) When he was catching it I went in the other room and waited for him to get it out. When I found out that he didn't kill it I wanted him to go outside and find it so he could kill it and then put it in the neighbor garbage.

So to answer my question, Size does not matter when it comes to uninvited guest!
Oh and I really do love my neighbors they are the best, thank you honey for taking care of me, and I'm really glad I didn't call the police on a mouse. I'm sure I wouldn't live that one down.
Also we haven't seen any more mice in the house I think this one was the only one and believe me I would know.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sad news.

Will it's about Rob, We just found out that Rob just lost his job. The company has been doing cuts and he was the one that got cut.
We are looking for a new job and will hopefully find one soon,
But if anyone hears of anything Please Please tell us.
I know the Lord will help us, and I'm not panicking (yet).
Please put us in your prays thank you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emma dancing.

Emma is back into dance and Loves it. When her dance class was on a break she told me that she needed a Boy.
I asked her why Emma then said so they could dip me. She just watched dancing with the stars that night before and really wants to be dipped by a boy.
I love that dancing is a outlet for her.
I forgot my tape recorder So next month I'll get her doing that. I hope you enjoy the photos.

I love this photo of Mason but which one do you think I should frame,
I would love to hear.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Family time.

I'm going to post some better ones latter but for now here are some.
I LOVE Fall!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What do you think I should do?

OK let me paint you a picture: It's Monday 9:30 maybe a hour after dad leaves for work. Mason wakes up I need to feed him. I start to think my the girls are being really good I don't hear them fighting but I can't see them either. Wait they are being to quiet, then I look out the door to see this.

What are they doing you say? Well they got into the Vaseline and smothered themselves in it. it has taken me well over a week to get it out of there hair.

Girls just be glad you are cute, because that is the only thing that saved you guys .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

He is loved. Part 2

I finally took a photo of Emma holding Mason.

McKenna 1st day

McKenna is so excited to go to preschool. She talked about it all week long, I believe she even dreamed about it.
I wanted o walk with her but there was no way that was going to happen, she wanted to take that buss. What a big girl she is becoming.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

This was a big deal for McKenna, she has wanted to ride the horse but until about a week ago she was afraid. Now that is all she wants to do is ride the horses. I'm so proud of her!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st day back.

I can't believe that my baby is in 1st grade . OK My son Tanner is in 1st grade. he has been so excited to go, he gave the girls a hug kissed Mason and said goodbye.
I told him he need to give me a kiss and a hug he did and RAN into his class room. I had to go after him for my sake and take some more picture of him.
Yes I cried but not in front of him. I miss you son and love but I know that you are in great hands.
He has a great teacher that understands his needs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He is loved.

I love these pictures I still need to get Emma but I need Rob to help me out with that one.
I hope you enjoy!