Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I bet you want one of these

I bet you want one of these!!!

Check out these beautiful temple pictures! Don't you love them? You've seen them in Costco or Deseret Book for $200-$300, right? Well, my friend Cami , has found a way to make these yourself, at a FRACTION of the cost!

This is a beautiful picture, and it's big too. The actual finished size is 26" x 32". It's got that antiqued look, too.

Are you ready to hear the price? $48.92 including tax! Isn't that awesome? Well, if you're wondering how you can get your hands on one of these babies, leave a comment on the blog. You can do this for Super Saturday for your ward, a craft night for your ward, a girls night out for your family and friends, this would make a great Christmas gift for some one, whatever you want.

If you do book a class, There is a minimum of ten in order to hold a class. You get 10% of the total sales to be put towards any picture(s) of your choice. For example:

10 pictures = 1 free picture (10% of $460 = $46)
15 pictures = 1 free picture, 1 picture at 50% off
20 pictures = 2 free pictures

This works for in between numbers as well (17 pictures would get 1 free and 1 at 70% off, and so on). The pictures you are receiving from your benefits do not count towards the total numbers.

The temples available to choose from are: Salt Lake, Logan, Timpanogos, St. George, Bountiful, Idaho Falls, and Manti.

Let me know if you want to book a class!


  1. I just know I want one. I love these. But I want it even bigger than that.