Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun things are going on.

I have had this pictures on my screen for about 3 days now ready to post but just have not gotten to it.
Here are some fun things.
Tanner has lost his first tooth this week and he has learned to ride his bike with out training wheels.
I haven't got a picture of that, he says because he is to fast.
Tanner is also jumped into reading this week too.

Emma turned 3 this year she is growing up so fast.
Do to the fact that we are trying to save money , we made our own cake.
She 1st wanted Cinderella then she changed her mind at the last minute, and told me she wanted something else.
I asked her what she wanted she told me Jasmin the only one that would not work for this cake mold.
Lucky she changed her mind and said she wanted Mermaid I think it turned out cute.

The last few weeks Mckenna has been a wonderful helper. She loves her baby brother so much.
She also has been doing Great on her Reading and Math. She LOVES school and she loves her teachers, she just Loves to learn.

Here is Mason this one is for you Nana and Grandpa!
I all so forgot to post a picture of Mason in his Halloween outfit.
Can you guess what he is?


  1. How cute! Hey, can you email me pics of this weekend? Thanks!

  2. Very cute pictures.
    I hope all is going well. Good job on the cake. There is no way I could win my kids over with out the cake. It looks like the real deal!