Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pre-school Dr Seuss

Alright I love it when people pass on their great ideas.
I was in charge of pre school this week.
Dr. Seuss
I got this idea from a great kindergarten teacher Miriam thank you!!!
Look at how cute it turned out.

So easy made the hat out of paper.
I love felt.
The Mittens and white tummy is made out of them.
Then added ribbon and now you have
"The cat in the Hat."

Mc Kenna Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet McKenna who is now
This year she wanted to have a Fancy Nancy party.
So I pinterest it and found something that worked out great.
Rob made the cutest and I mean cutest invites.
I'll post them latter I want to take my address and phone number off of them this year. : }
Here are some of the pictures.

We embellish the bags as will as pins and made rings and necklaces.

I love you so much honey !!!