Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Craft time.

I have been trying to do some school with all my kids, but I remember on thing that Tanner's old teacher said " kids need to do frilly things too" so I changed school, the kids will be doing school every other day, and we will be doing craft in between.
My kids have been watching "Curious George " and they love the one where George makes his own hat. So I thought we would make hats they were a big hit. Tanner wanted to wear his to school. I said that was fine but when we get to your class room you need to put it in your back pack. When I picked him up all of his class mates had one on.
His teacher said he waited until showed and tell to show it off. And everyone wanted to make one. She thought it would be a great opportunity to have Tanner speak out loud and to make new friends. (I love this teacher to bad were moving soon)
McKenna wanted to sleep with her on, and Emma just likes to look at hers. I'm glad it went will I told my kids tomorrow we need to do school, but if they were good we could try and make another one. So we will see!

The hats are a dinosaur hat.

I made the kids color them all by themselves.

I made Emma's out of the foam paper so it wouldn't rip so easily.
Yes that is makers all over her face, but it is the washable kind.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tanner's first day of school.

My oldest son Tanner went to his first day of Kindergarten. I wanted to get there early so I could take some pictures, but I didn't time is right. Rob met us there more for me not for Tanner. I think I was about 3-5 min late but other kids were the same way. Tanner quickly hung his bag up and said goodbye. I had to sneak back inside to take one more picture, before he nicely but firmly said "mom I already said goodbye to you"
I think I was half way out the room and I heard Tanner said" MOM MOM I love you" my heart melted. I told him I loved him too and be good at school. I didn't have any time to cry because I had to get Emma home. she was already asleep in the stroller Rob took McKenna.
When I went to pick Tanner up I got to go alone Emma and McKenna were taking there naps. I had my In laws watch them.
I asked Tanner what does he like about school?
(Tanner ) "riding his bike to school."
(Mom) " OK then what do you like after the bike ride?"
(Tanner) "um I like the bell sound "
(Mom) " did you like anything that your teacher did ?"
(Tanner) " o ya she said that she is going to help me read better,and for me to bring more bugs."
I had Tanner bring a snail because it's bug week.

Tanner getting out of school.

This is the picture that I had to sneak in and take.

We get to ride our bikes to school.
Tanner's favorite part of school.

So the first day of school I didn't cry but that didn't stop me on the second. Poor McKenna she thought I had a owie. She gave me a band aid when we got home what a cutie!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tanner testing.

(Tanner being tested)

So as a mother I have been stressing out about Tanner going to Kindergarten True he has been receiving schooling since he has been 2 years old, and before that we had teachers in our house at the age of 1 1/2 years.
As I sat in the corner of the class room wanting to help Tanner with all the question. At the end of the test the teacher pulled me aside and said "If it wasn't for Tanner speech delay they would put him into 1st grade" He knows how to read ,write, spell, add, and subtract. I was shocked the last few weeks I have been pushing him to remember everything that he was taught. So I feel that I need to give a big thanks to DDI Advantage, Miss Melody at Stansbury Park Elementary and to Challenger school. Thank you for teaching my son and giving me the tools to teach him. I can breath allot easier now, Thank you, Thank you.
I can remember when we first found out from Doctors that Tanner had Autism. They told me not to expect anything grand from him. I can remember crying and think why me. Yes I played the pity card .When I told my friend I will never forget the response she gave me "Rachel why are you crying he is still your son, at lest you know and now you can help him!" That was the turning point for me. I was now bound and determined to get help. With much pray and asking I found things to help Tanner. I am so thankful that my prays were answered.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures , Pictures, Pictures.

We had a pretty full week, last week. I tried to take some pictures here are just a little of them. I still need to post Friday and Saturday pictures.
(We went fishing for the first time on Saturday.)

Us getting Tanner signed up for school. Emma found a fun place to hide.

Tanner at the best play ground in Pleasant grove.

Tanner loves this park I tried to find the name for it but failed.

The kids wanted to see the animals so I took them to "Wheeler farm."
All they wanted to do is play in the water.

I treated myself to a car wash and a vacuum they did a much better job then I would of done and my kids had the best time playing in there kids car wash.

I love this picture of McKenna.

McKenna playing at "Wheeler Park"

McKenna at the best park ever.

Now if I can get them to do this for reals.

Tanner had to drag Emma out of this car. She loved it.

Emma at the park.

Emma at her favorite spot "Wheeler Farm"

O yeah we found a house I haven't taken pictures of it ,but it's in Saratoga Spring 4 bedrooms built in 2004, 3600 sq and a great backyard. So it has been a real busy week and not because of the Stephen Myers book.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm just trying a new way to make frames.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I spy .

My kids found this xylophone at the park. I spy challenge.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We decided to go to Wheeler Farm again. In the corner of my eye I spied this flower and remembered the I spy challenge . I spy something yellow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Point Chart.

I got this idea from my cousin's wife Lara, I had to change things up a bit but it is working great. 
My kids are at that points where they can do some chores around the house and get something for it. 
Now they don't quit get the concept of nickels and quarters and dimes. and If I were to give them any money they would put it into there mouth or they would color on any of the bills. So I told them they can get prizes. I think all kids understand the word PRIZES.  
Here is our point system chart and here is what I used to hold the points in.
We have been doing this for two weeks and it is working great. I even went to the store and told them if they behave then they can earn some point. It worked for all of them. (LOVE IT!!!) 
I used some card for the everyday chores, it really helps if they can see the pictures. They also love to give the cards to me when they are done. 

So sorry the pictures are crappy, Tanner wanted to take all of them and I didn't have time to change the (photo by) 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I thought things would get less busy after Tanner got out of summer school, but I was wrong.
Sunday we did F.H.E were we introducing a new point chart. Which is helping out allot.
Monday we did the point chart and did some school work. I thought we should go and sign Tanner up for school. trying to make sure I would not have to got there twice I called to make sure I had everything. Come to find out they don't take the small Birth certificate cards, and Tanner needs one more shot. I think I'm going to have Tanner get an exhumation on that one. I have to wait to get Tanner birth certificate in the mail and fill out all the paper work for his exhumation .
Tuesday I tyred the key word is tyred to get that all done but failed. McKenna wanted to pick HER carrots from the garden I think we spent 2 hours out their. Nana and grandpa were great they helped with Tanner. He is death afraid of bugs all of the sudden.
Wednesday Tanner had a play date but they cancel so we did some more school and went to the park. Forgetting the time because I brought my new book "Eclipse" I forgot about the appointment I had with my visiting teachers. I also had to do my Visiting teaching that night and make diner for one of them. I had to call everyone I new to come to my playgroup. but were the only ones their.
Thursday we went to the fire station which was fun we were the only ones their. but still had a fun time. now that I have some time I thought I would do some blogging. So here is some pictures that I took. over the week.

McKenna so proud of her carrots.

I just had to take this picture, these are the Hallmark moments.

Tanner and the point chore chart. I'll try to do a blog on that. It is working great.

I used my cell phone to take this picture. It's not the best, Play group.

Reading back on my entry, I seems to know other people who are busier then this. So to all those people can you just tell me what happens in the Stephenie Meyer book's. I think that is why I think I'm so busy. I'm just trying to read her books all the time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Swimming parties!

The last couple of days Rob has had work parties. All of them were swimming parties . My kids love to swim they are fishes out of water. So they love all of Rob's co-workers.
If you can't tell Tanner is into the "CAR'S"everything must be car's.
I think they had a good time, you can be the judge of that.