Monday, August 11, 2008

Point Chart.

I got this idea from my cousin's wife Lara, I had to change things up a bit but it is working great. 
My kids are at that points where they can do some chores around the house and get something for it. 
Now they don't quit get the concept of nickels and quarters and dimes. and If I were to give them any money they would put it into there mouth or they would color on any of the bills. So I told them they can get prizes. I think all kids understand the word PRIZES.  
Here is our point system chart and here is what I used to hold the points in.
We have been doing this for two weeks and it is working great. I even went to the store and told them if they behave then they can earn some point. It worked for all of them. (LOVE IT!!!) 
I used some card for the everyday chores, it really helps if they can see the pictures. They also love to give the cards to me when they are done. 

So sorry the pictures are crappy, Tanner wanted to take all of them and I didn't have time to change the (photo by) 


  1. That looks like an awesome system! Good Luck! Let me know how it works.

  2. Good idea. I will have to try something like that.