Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tanner testing.

(Tanner being tested)

So as a mother I have been stressing out about Tanner going to Kindergarten True he has been receiving schooling since he has been 2 years old, and before that we had teachers in our house at the age of 1 1/2 years.
As I sat in the corner of the class room wanting to help Tanner with all the question. At the end of the test the teacher pulled me aside and said "If it wasn't for Tanner speech delay they would put him into 1st grade" He knows how to read ,write, spell, add, and subtract. I was shocked the last few weeks I have been pushing him to remember everything that he was taught. So I feel that I need to give a big thanks to DDI Advantage, Miss Melody at Stansbury Park Elementary and to Challenger school. Thank you for teaching my son and giving me the tools to teach him. I can breath allot easier now, Thank you, Thank you.
I can remember when we first found out from Doctors that Tanner had Autism. They told me not to expect anything grand from him. I can remember crying and think why me. Yes I played the pity card .When I told my friend I will never forget the response she gave me "Rachel why are you crying he is still your son, at lest you know and now you can help him!" That was the turning point for me. I was now bound and determined to get help. With much pray and asking I found things to help Tanner. I am so thankful that my prays were answered.


  1. Way to go Tanner! You deserve a lot of kudos, too Rachel. :)

  2. Ohh, that is so cool! Guess what, I need to call you. I might be dealing with the same thing...

  3. That's awesome! Good job Tanner, and good job to you, Rachel!

  4. I remember the struggles you had in the beginning and you came through it beautifully. What progress Tanner has made!

  5. Mister Smartie Pants! You must be so pround. As you should be.