Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I thought things would get less busy after Tanner got out of summer school, but I was wrong.
Sunday we did F.H.E were we introducing a new point chart. Which is helping out allot.
Monday we did the point chart and did some school work. I thought we should go and sign Tanner up for school. trying to make sure I would not have to got there twice I called to make sure I had everything. Come to find out they don't take the small Birth certificate cards, and Tanner needs one more shot. I think I'm going to have Tanner get an exhumation on that one. I have to wait to get Tanner birth certificate in the mail and fill out all the paper work for his exhumation .
Tuesday I tyred the key word is tyred to get that all done but failed. McKenna wanted to pick HER carrots from the garden I think we spent 2 hours out their. Nana and grandpa were great they helped with Tanner. He is death afraid of bugs all of the sudden.
Wednesday Tanner had a play date but they cancel so we did some more school and went to the park. Forgetting the time because I brought my new book "Eclipse" I forgot about the appointment I had with my visiting teachers. I also had to do my Visiting teaching that night and make diner for one of them. I had to call everyone I new to come to my playgroup. but were the only ones their.
Thursday we went to the fire station which was fun we were the only ones their. but still had a fun time. now that I have some time I thought I would do some blogging. So here is some pictures that I took. over the week.

McKenna so proud of her carrots.

I just had to take this picture, these are the Hallmark moments.

Tanner and the point chore chart. I'll try to do a blog on that. It is working great.

I used my cell phone to take this picture. It's not the best, Play group.

Reading back on my entry, I seems to know other people who are busier then this. So to all those people can you just tell me what happens in the Stephenie Meyer book's. I think that is why I think I'm so busy. I'm just trying to read her books all the time.


  1. I won't tell you what happens.
    But you're almost done. I'll tell you I didn't like the series much, though. :)

    Sorry about your playgroup....we always cancel ours in the summers because nobody really comes. Hopefully in the fall you'll get a lot of people.

  2. Too bad about the play group. Kids love those things. Liz and I are jealous that your pictures look professionial for snapshots. I like the firehouse idea too, do you think that they will do that stuff for FHE?

  3. Thanks for inviting us! Maybe next time when I'm not at the spa getting pampered! The carrots picture is so cute.