Friday, July 29, 2011

Work out!!

Well it happen again someone asked me when my baby was due,
I have gain some weight but it has been because of my knee.
When you can't get off the bed and you have to take pain killer you have to eat.
I tried just lowing my calories while taking my pain killers not a good thing.
I'm back into working out and lost 3 ponds so 1/12 ponds a day.
I've only been doing it for 2 day.
I feel great I also wanted my kids to join in on the fun.
Not to lose weight but just to get out and exercise
Yesterday I decided to run but in sets. I mapped out a mile and ran with each kid.
the others ones timed me and watched my little one Mason.

McKenna was first she was great 10:34 great time for a 6 year old.
Emma was up next I told her if she need to ride her bike she could.
She rode half way her time was 10: 13 this was great to.
I ran up hill for the first half.
Tanner was the next I wanted Tanner to set a goal for the running he said under 10 mins
He did it 9:55 he felt so good.
I was last I could here my kids cheering for me when ever they saw me, it mad me smile.
I did mine in 9:45 not to bad for the first time.
Our Mason got in on the fun.
He sat on me while I was doing dips, set ups and push ups 100 of each
My kids are great and love the fact that they want to do what MOM likes to do.
I love them so much.
I need to remember that in everything.

I would like to know some of your tricks to work out when you have kids.
Oh and you can't say get a babysitter. : )

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting back into things.

If you don't know I tore my meniscus while sitting on a park bench.
Nothing cool just sitting on a park bench.
They do think that running and running unto my couch might have something to do with it,
the tear did happen at the park while I was sitting on the park bench.
Anyways My leg was locked up for about 3 days. I was on creches for about a week after that.
If I could turn back time I would of and not sat down.
I had surgery on it i June the doctors were hoping I could walk on it in a week,
sadly I can't
A month latter
I can finally ride my bike. I went on a 2 mile run today felt alright.
But I have a feeling I might feel it tonight.
My summer plans of hiking and biking are on hold for right now.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me and y family.
I really thought it would be a quick and easy surgery. Man was a wrong.
Anyways thank you for all your help, prays and talking care of my kids.
Oh and a big thanks to Who every weed my garden, that was a nice surprise.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie day for the girls.

I wanted to do something special for the all the kids.
Tanner and Mckenna are doing Book clubs, but Emma needs something different.
So we are doing day time movies.
Can you guess what movie we are watching?

OK so not all girls got to come as you can see One very cute dog came to.

We watched 101 Dalmatians
everyone bought a treat I gave them a dog dish and they ate out of it.
as you can see I painted there face like a dog.
my treat to them was dog food OK not real more like Coco Puffs.
fun time.
I can't wait till our next one.

McKenna Kindergarten.

I wills start off by saying
"better late then never."
McKenna graduated from Kindergarten this year
We we so lucky that she got Mrs. Bryson the same teacher that Tanner got.
I was also the room mom for her and on occasion I was her teacher.
It was great she had the best time. Can't wait to see how she get this year.
Wow that's in about a month.

Can you guess what song this song is?

This year Mrs Bryson wanted Rob to design the diplomas for the kids.
I think they look great.
McKenna thought that was great and so proud of her dad.
This as you can see is not the last draft.
He changed the colors to the school colors and he also put the star thing on it.

Sunday fun.

I LoVe days like this.
They were just laying there and having so much fun.


Tanner has been growing up so fast.
He is now a Cub Scout and has earned his is Bobcat.

I was talking to Rob about Scouts and how I feel like I too am earning all the awards.
He said yes and that is why the mom's get the pins.
The Scout program thinks of everything.

Tanner also was able to go to Scout camp Rob was able to drive some of the boys up and took some pictures.

He Loves Scouts.


This year I wanted the kids to be outside more.
So we did a garden.
McKenna LoVeS peas and Emma LoVeS to pick them.
Tanner Has some watermelons that he is doing.
The peas came in and we were able to pick them.

Here is Mason spending time outside. This
kid LoVeS to be outside. He also likes to tease.

With a little help from Emma he was able to help too.

This year Tanner has helped out on mowing the lawn.
This has help out a great deal do to the fact that I had to have surgery on my knee and was unable to mow the lawn.
He is growing up so fast love that boy!!!!

It happen!

On July 1 2011 Miss McKenna lost her first tooth.
A couple of days latter another one fell out.

The Tooth Fairy gave her a gold dollar coin, witch was fine,
McKenna really wanted a dollar bill.
I told her that I would talk to the tooth fair and the next one she would get one.
This girl was so HAPPY that day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Tanner!!!!

Better late then never right.
Tanner turned magical number 8 in the LDS religion when you turn 8 you can choice to be baptize.
Tanner made that wonderful choice and became a member of
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.
( June, 4 2011)
Here are some pictures of the event.

If you can't tell we also gave him a new set of scriptures
Book of Mormon and Bible
with his name on them .
He LOVE them!!!

He looks so good with his dad all dressed in white.
When getting ready for this day we took him to the
Rex center to dunk him a couple of times.
While doing that Rob's thought were " we have one try at this, he wont let us do it twice"
He did a great job We only had to do it one time.

Here's some of the family that came.
Thank you to all the made it and the one's that wished him a great day.
We love you all.
Robbert Hawley his dad baptized him
Don Hawley confirmed him

Opening Pray Don Hawley
Talks Austin Hall and Cameron Meese
Closing Pray Rachel Hawley AKA Mom