Friday, July 29, 2011

Work out!!

Well it happen again someone asked me when my baby was due,
I have gain some weight but it has been because of my knee.
When you can't get off the bed and you have to take pain killer you have to eat.
I tried just lowing my calories while taking my pain killers not a good thing.
I'm back into working out and lost 3 ponds so 1/12 ponds a day.
I've only been doing it for 2 day.
I feel great I also wanted my kids to join in on the fun.
Not to lose weight but just to get out and exercise
Yesterday I decided to run but in sets. I mapped out a mile and ran with each kid.
the others ones timed me and watched my little one Mason.

McKenna was first she was great 10:34 great time for a 6 year old.
Emma was up next I told her if she need to ride her bike she could.
She rode half way her time was 10: 13 this was great to.
I ran up hill for the first half.
Tanner was the next I wanted Tanner to set a goal for the running he said under 10 mins
He did it 9:55 he felt so good.
I was last I could here my kids cheering for me when ever they saw me, it mad me smile.
I did mine in 9:45 not to bad for the first time.
Our Mason got in on the fun.
He sat on me while I was doing dips, set ups and push ups 100 of each
My kids are great and love the fact that they want to do what MOM likes to do.
I love them so much.
I need to remember that in everything.

I would like to know some of your tricks to work out when you have kids.
Oh and you can't say get a babysitter. : )

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