Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas party 2011.

This year we went to Rob's side and my side.
We went to my sister's house, and who did we see?
A man with a long white beard and suit with of red.
Yes my sister was very good and had Santa make a stop at her house.
This was the only santa that my kids got so see this year, so I was so HAPPY that she was good.

This year McKenna was so brave and was so happy to jump on Santa lap with out me.

Maybe we should of taken the picture before he at the candy cane.

Rob side of the party will be coming soon.
Just wanted to post some.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Birthday Emma!!!

What a great mom I am I haven't blogged about this.
To my Emma who turned 5 this year and will be so happy to go to school.
We had one of the best Birthday parties ever.
Our plans was to have the girls over for 1 hour.
We would play games pinata, dance, cake, presents, making bracelets, and face painting.
We had only time for two of them and cake.
We made bracelets and face painting the girls LOVE it!!!!!
We only took a couple of pictures do to the fact I was doing the face painting.

5 reason why we love our EMMA
1st She always can make you smile with her sing song laugh/ talk.
2nd always dances to you.
3rd Loves to give hugs
4th her cheese, cheeky smile.
5th there us never a dull moment with her.
We love you girl xoxoxo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall is here.

We have one tree that really has enough leaves to rake.
So when we can jump in them My kids will.
Here are some pictures.

We have one tree that really has enough leaves to rake.
So when we can jump in them My kids will.
Here are some pictures.

Tanner's Wolf

Tanner has done well with Boy Scout's.
He earned
1 gold arrow
2 silver arrows
his Wolf badge
and his Religious knot.
I'm so proud of him.

If you are wondering I didn't just buy this shirt because I wanted to.
I'm the Bear leader can't wait to teach Tanner in May.

Glasses for Miss McKenna

I wont to post everything so I can take it off my to do list.
Here is one I forgot about.
My Miss McKenna she has need glass for some time now.
She was tested about a year ago and just barely need them.
They broke about 3 months ago so I thought we could wait for a while after all
She just barely need them.
When I went to get them I found out that she needs them BAD.
I wear glass and was curious to see if she was going to be anything like me.
The doctor said "Yes most like worse.
So sorry Miss McKenna

This girl is more and more like me.
If I can get my scanner to work I'll show you a picture of her and me side by side.
We look so much alike.

Happy Halloween

I know that I say this a lot but again "Better late then never"
This year Miss McKenna was a Witch as well as Miss Emma.
Mason was suppose to be Buzz light year but he wouldn't stop screaming.
I ran downstairs and found this lion outfit and it worked.
Tanner was Avatar the air bender not the blue guy.
This was to only costume I made I have to say it turned out pretty good.

This was the first year Mason really got to go out.
I tough him to say grrrr awl please.
He was so proud of his pumpkin.
At lest once a day I would find him talking to it.

Tanner this year really and I mean REALLY wanted me to make his costume this year.
I tried to talk him out of it but, once I got into it I really had some fun.
I went to DI and bought a large button down shirt cut off the buttons
Then bought some bais tape sew that on with a different color of thread.
Made some simple pants gave him some of my socks and shirt to do under it.
for the final touch saved his head in a arrow.

I think it turned out perry well he loved it,
everyone know who he was.
( thank goodness for me)


This year we went to our church pumpkin patch
boy did they have some big ones this year.
I only got two picture this year of the kids.
I was to busy helping Mason cut his out.

Rob and I had to laugh
We ended up cleaning the pumpkins, cutting and cleaning up the mess
The kids still had a fun time do it.

Corn Belly

This year I was the only parent that went to Corn Belly
We spent 3 hours, Found a lost kid. then lost two of our own, did some face painting, and had a blast.
I want to thank all the people that gave us there half off coupons

This is the only picture I got with face painting.
Oh well!!!!!

All right I have to explain the next pictures.
When we were standing in line for face painting.
I found the girls playing on these two vehicle which I'm pretty sure is not for playing on.

I sat them down on the bottom of this wood, not reading what it said.
I was talking to Tanner and he started to laugh,
his words where
"Mom that's a great place to put them, GOOD JOB"
Maybe we should bring this home.

So true this was the right place to put them!!!!

Crazy sock day!!

For school they had crazy sock day.
I asked my kids a couple of days before if they wanted to do this, Both of them said NO.
Then Right before school they changed there mind
I ran to my craft room and thought of this on the fly.
CRAZY right!!

Tanner has bats with my socks.
I really like Tanner's you can still see it with his shoes on.

McKenna has one bat and one dog.
I wanted to get a picture of both of them,
like I said it was minutes before they need to go to school.

McKenna nose fell off into her shoe.
Next year I will do it like Tanner's.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

General Conference

I talked about this in one of my post,
Getting ready for General Conference.
This year e decide to have the kids watch all of it Saturday and Sunday.
I wanted to make it fun.
On Friday they sleep downstairs
I couldn't help it I had to post this last one.
Love his faces for the camera.

On Saturday we had some games going on.
1st. One was we would pick two words every speaker,
if they heard the words they would get a candy.
This worked great until Brother Neil L. Andersen talked about Children
Children and Family was the one that we pulled out.
The kids loved him and will never forget his face or his name.
We changed it to one word and it was much better.

We also let the kids bring over some friends to watch Conference but they still had to play the game.
The friends loved to play the games with them too.
We pulled out the Lego all of them.
It went very will.

On Sunday we were going to go TO conference,
Four people got sick so I hurried and thought of something else I could do,
I printed out General Conference packets and deiced that we were going to bake pie.
We also made a temple with the Lego's.
Brought out the coloring paper and markers, and was set.

Our wonderful Temple.

If you can't tell Tanner was one of them that got sick.

All and all it went great