Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Birthday Emma!!!

What a great mom I am I haven't blogged about this.
To my Emma who turned 5 this year and will be so happy to go to school.
We had one of the best Birthday parties ever.
Our plans was to have the girls over for 1 hour.
We would play games pinata, dance, cake, presents, making bracelets, and face painting.
We had only time for two of them and cake.
We made bracelets and face painting the girls LOVE it!!!!!
We only took a couple of pictures do to the fact I was doing the face painting.

5 reason why we love our EMMA
1st She always can make you smile with her sing song laugh/ talk.
2nd always dances to you.
3rd Loves to give hugs
4th her cheese, cheeky smile.
5th there us never a dull moment with her.
We love you girl xoxoxo

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  1. So cute! I haven't blogged about Emmy's party yet, either. I'm SO behind on blogging!