Sunday, May 20, 2012

Homemade Ipad cover.

Look at what my husband made, isn't he the best.
I bought my husband an Ipad for Christmas found it on KSL for a great price. The man that sold it to me gave me some codes that would get us a DODO case for 50% off, but I could only use it once. 
Rob LOVES his case and I decide I wanted one too, but I wasn't going to pay full price for it. 
So I did some looking around and found this site 

I went to Hobby Lobby found the thickest board for 4.00
Glue 3.50 
Elastic 1.50
Went to Jo-Ann's found the fabric 5.00 
total cost 14.00 
Rob made the spine smaller because its for the ipad 2 
We also had so much fabric left over we just put it inside. 

It stays in it so nicely and now I don't have to worry about it while it's in my purse. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


If there is anything that can bring a smile to my face is seeing my little Emma dance. 
She has been working on this so hard and the day finally came. 

Her teacher was great. 

Every day she would work on this love the hight she got on it. 

Hawley family gathering.

Every month the Hawley's try to get together.
This month it was at our house. I fond this karaoke player at a yard sale. 
everyone got into.

Take me out to the ball game.

Rob's work gave us box tickets to the Bee's games fun!!! This was the first baseball game we took our kids to.  
So sad theses are the only pictures I took. 
Oh well I guess we have to go again. 

The kids were getting all into girls would scream "throw it fast throw it hard!"
Tan -man was yelling my all time favorite  "we want a pitcher not a belly itchier!"
Next time we'll have to get a picture with the Bee Mason was so excited to see him.
Love family time so much fun!!!


Now before you all start to judge we play so EVERYONE wins something. 
Each month we have a theme this month was promo 
Our hostess of the mostess went all out. 
We had Harry Potter as our date, great parting gifts and she even decorated just like a promo. 
Thanks Erin!!!!! 


                                        I got to bring Kathy for a sub.
                  I don't know haw she does it but she ended up with 4 bunko's.
                                    Almost made it into the promo court.
                     I had the most points in one roll so I made 2nd attendant.

Love the parting gifts

Thanks ladies for making my first Promo memorable.

Friday, May 11, 2012

5k Run Color me Rad!!

My friend Gretchen seems to talk me into  these crazy runs but I love her for that, and I love to do them too win win for us.  Here is the lasted one "Color me Rad" 5k noting big right but oh so fun each mile you get blasted with chalk fun right!!!

Before and After 

Thanksgiving point.

 My long time friend called me up and wanted to go the the " tulip festival" I have never been to that. I started to pack the car up when Tanner's teacher called me up and told me that Tanner was not having a good day. I decided to pull him out of class and take me. everybody needs some time off right. anyways her are some pictures.

the day was great Tanner helped me out so much with Mason and Emma love my kids. 
 Miss Emma so cute I love this picture.
 Mr Mason he loved this hill running up and rolling down.

I wanted to take Miss McKenna out too but she wanted to stay in school, silly girl.