Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random things.

I have wanted to write this down So that one day my kids could read it.
I also think it's cute.
Here is one thing that my kids say.
When ever our CD skips because of scratches they always say.
"OH NO the CD is ITCHY!!!"
I have never corrected them, I think it's cute.

Tanner says a lot of catch phrases, Like
"holy mama" and "sweet mama"
He told me he wanted to learn to speak Spanish because it sounds like Japans.!?!...

Mckenna she is more of a giggler and a smiler.
Oh their is one thing she says she calls prince charming "handsome."
Love it!!
She also loves to make other people laugh and smile.

Emma is mostly a COPY CAT and if some one laughs at it she will repeat it.
But here are just some fun things about this girl.
I can't keep shoes on here and she hates wearing anything on her legs.
When ever I put tights on her I can't pull them to high and the toes has to be perfect.
She won't tell me what perfect is to her thou.

Mason is not saying a lot he does however sign
One thing he does say is EMMA at the top of his lungs.
One thing that he does is when ever he wakes up he will rock his bed back and forth to bang on the wall. I really hope this crib will last.

Man I just have to say how much I love my kiddos. I have to also thank all the people that help me out with them.
Family members, school teachers, Church leaders, neighbors, our youth in Rob's class, and their wonderful father, Love that man too.
Love you fam more then words can say!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ok we had a Birthday!!!

Our sweet girl McKenna had one.
The weather was not the greatest so he had the Birthday party a week latter.
She LoVEs the farm, we went to Thanksgiving point with some of her friends and had a blast!!!

Here is some fun facts about McKenna
She is 6 when she was born she weight 9 pounds 13 oz
She is a little me, which can me good and bad.
She LOVE to help out anytime.
When she wakes up she always has a smile on her face.
She loves to learn, I buy those home school work books at the dollar store.
She would have them done in a week if I let her.
She loves to cuddle with me and LOVES her Grandpas.
McKenna can remember a lot she always keeps me on my toes.
Mckenna does not like a lot of chocolate. When ever we make chocolate chip cookies
I make a special batch for her.
Her sense of dress style we haven't fingered out.
( I have a pick picture at the bottom so you can see)
If I don't set out her clothes for her she will come downstairs in something that covers her body but looks like a blind man dressed her.
Sometimes I'll let her stay in them but most of the times I go and pick something new.
Mckenna is so LOVING if you ever need a hug she's your gal.
I asked her who is your best friend she told me " you and dad are" : ]
McKenna is the first granddaughter on my side.
Miss Mckenna we love you so much!!!

I just LOVE what Rob did for the Invite!!

The girls showing off their face painting.

One of the games.

This is one of the outfits that she came downstairs in.
Got to love it right ?!?