Thursday, October 13, 2011

General Conference

I talked about this in one of my post,
Getting ready for General Conference.
This year e decide to have the kids watch all of it Saturday and Sunday.
I wanted to make it fun.
On Friday they sleep downstairs
I couldn't help it I had to post this last one.
Love his faces for the camera.

On Saturday we had some games going on.
1st. One was we would pick two words every speaker,
if they heard the words they would get a candy.
This worked great until Brother Neil L. Andersen talked about Children
Children and Family was the one that we pulled out.
The kids loved him and will never forget his face or his name.
We changed it to one word and it was much better.

We also let the kids bring over some friends to watch Conference but they still had to play the game.
The friends loved to play the games with them too.
We pulled out the Lego all of them.
It went very will.

On Sunday we were going to go TO conference,
Four people got sick so I hurried and thought of something else I could do,
I printed out General Conference packets and deiced that we were going to bake pie.
We also made a temple with the Lego's.
Brought out the coloring paper and markers, and was set.

Our wonderful Temple.

If you can't tell Tanner was one of them that got sick.

All and all it went great

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