Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bear Lake

This is the third time that we went to Bear lake. We had such a great time Loved LOVED loved it.

We spent most of the time at the lake no naps expect on Grandpa lap.
We found the PErFeCt spot right under a tree.
Miss McKenna loves her Grandpa.
She was making sure that Grandpa was having fun all the time.
Thank you Grandpa for making this possible this year. We LOVE you

Tanner was so great he Loved playing with his cousins. Pushing them around in the Boat that is.
I think he was one of the first person to get into the water.
He was also the person to get me and Dad wet. Love that boy.

Mr. Mason He was always barking orders, Making sure the sandcastle was made right, so he could crush them.

Miss Emma was right there taking the orders from Mason.
Emma found something for the castle I hope it not to big!

Debbie looking great and sporting this great hat. I seriously want that hat.
The beach was so fun one of the best part of it was the shells. You could pick them up by the handfuls.

But one of the best things I liked about this place is the view loved the view.

P.S. this is not posting the way I wanted it to. it looks so different on the draft page oh well.

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