Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures , Pictures, Pictures.

We had a pretty full week, last week. I tried to take some pictures here are just a little of them. I still need to post Friday and Saturday pictures.
(We went fishing for the first time on Saturday.)

Us getting Tanner signed up for school. Emma found a fun place to hide.

Tanner at the best play ground in Pleasant grove.

Tanner loves this park I tried to find the name for it but failed.

The kids wanted to see the animals so I took them to "Wheeler farm."
All they wanted to do is play in the water.

I treated myself to a car wash and a vacuum they did a much better job then I would of done and my kids had the best time playing in there kids car wash.

I love this picture of McKenna.

McKenna playing at "Wheeler Park"

McKenna at the best park ever.

Now if I can get them to do this for reals.

Tanner had to drag Emma out of this car. She loved it.

Emma at the park.

Emma at her favorite spot "Wheeler Farm"

O yeah we found a house I haven't taken pictures of it ,but it's in Saratoga Spring 4 bedrooms built in 2004, 3600 sq and a great backyard. So it has been a real busy week and not because of the Stephen Myers book.


  1. Cute, cute pics! And that's great that you found a house! When do you get to move in?

  2. Cool on the house! We'll be pretty close now, so maybe we can actually hang out now & then? You need to tell me where that PG park is. My boys would love it-tell tell!

  3. Congrats on the house!! Cute pictures of your kids. I love the picture of Tanner looking up toward the camera! What cute kids you guys have! If you need any help with anything let me know.

  4. You really have an excellent eye for composition in photography. Great pictures!