Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Craft time.

I have been trying to do some school with all my kids, but I remember on thing that Tanner's old teacher said " kids need to do frilly things too" so I changed school, the kids will be doing school every other day, and we will be doing craft in between.
My kids have been watching "Curious George " and they love the one where George makes his own hat. So I thought we would make hats they were a big hit. Tanner wanted to wear his to school. I said that was fine but when we get to your class room you need to put it in your back pack. When I picked him up all of his class mates had one on.
His teacher said he waited until showed and tell to show it off. And everyone wanted to make one. She thought it would be a great opportunity to have Tanner speak out loud and to make new friends. (I love this teacher to bad were moving soon)
McKenna wanted to sleep with her on, and Emma just likes to look at hers. I'm glad it went will I told my kids tomorrow we need to do school, but if they were good we could try and make another one. So we will see!

The hats are a dinosaur hat.

I made the kids color them all by themselves.

I made Emma's out of the foam paper so it wouldn't rip so easily.
Yes that is makers all over her face, but it is the washable kind.


  1. Fun idea. I will have to try something similiar with Kelty! Keep posting good ideas that I can steal :)! You should start an idea blog on projects/school stuff that you do with your kids :)

  2. That is all so cute. I need to do a Craft with Mom night. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I should craft more often...not my strong point, but the hats are adorable.