Monday, October 26, 2009

Does size matter?

Almost a week ago I heard a noise about 2:30 AM I thought one of the kids were up so I thought I would help them if they needed me.
I called upstairs and nothing then I went upstairs and nothing, but I keep on hearing the noise. So I thought it must becoming from downstairs I quickly but quietly went back on the main floor.
Now rummer have been going around that there has been a Peeping Tom around so I did the safes thing. I turned on the light and said from the top of the stairs " I hear you and I'm calling the Police right now"
The noise stopped so I ran to my bedroom to go and get the phone when the noise came back but it was not coming from downstairs it was coming from my bathroom/ closet. I thought to myself " Oh great he is in my closet tyring on my clothing" but the noise didn't match my thoughts so I turned on the lights and looked and saw what was making the noise. It was a big fat hair mouse that got stuck in the tub tyring to get out.

Now any one that knows me knows I HATE, HATE, HATE mice. So I ran OK Jumped on my husband who was in bed, woke him up so he jumped out of bed to kill the big fat rat. Rob knowing me knew it wasn't a rat but a mouse. when he looked at it he said it was only a baby one. Rob caught it and throw it outside over the fence ( so sorry neighbors) When he was catching it I went in the other room and waited for him to get it out. When I found out that he didn't kill it I wanted him to go outside and find it so he could kill it and then put it in the neighbor garbage.

So to answer my question, Size does not matter when it comes to uninvited guest!
Oh and I really do love my neighbors they are the best, thank you honey for taking care of me, and I'm really glad I didn't call the police on a mouse. I'm sure I wouldn't live that one down.
Also we haven't seen any more mice in the house I think this one was the only one and believe me I would know.

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  1. That is a funny story. I am glad you got it out, they multiply pretty fast.