Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blessings, And Thank you!!!

This year we have had to change our traditions due to the money factor. We have asked the kids to only ask Santa for three things. The only think is the kids seem to think that I said put three per day on the list. Kids are so cute.
This year we will be having the kids draw names and then they will have to make a gift for them. Rob and I have thought of thing we can do for each of them.
This year Rob and I deiced to skip giving a present to some boy that would be Conner age but to explain to the kids what would of happen to him if he was alive today. He would of been 8 and been baptized this year. We had the great opportunity to go to our neighbors sons baptized too. Tanner is now so excited to turn eight.
We will not be hosting big party for our friends but now inviting them to come over for deserts and games.
Rob and I have been teaching the kids about the true meaning of Christmas and doing more service project to show the giving part of it.
We have been so lucky to have some choice us for the 12 days of Christmas, We will hopefully do this next year to someone. They have giving us the back round of a manger, star and a baby lamb and the kids are so excited to the next pieces.
I can't say that I have missed giving up things, in fact quite the opposite truly of family, friend, neighbors, and church leaders have really step up to the plate
We have been telling the kids about every blessing we have been receiving, They are so cute they have been blessing though pray all the anatomise people that are helping.
There have been days that we have thought we needed to run to the store and buy something to eat. We go out the front door and there is a food to last us for a week. Rob and I wanted a night out but we really know that we cant afford it and our friends gives us tickets and then our next store neighbors babysit for us for free. Or other neighbors invite us to thanksgiving even thou they had a full house.
My sister son is giving Tanner a bike, My husband sister has been giving my son clothing. each time we have any thing like this has happen Rob and I quickly jump at the opportunity to teach our children about giving and receiving.
I hope our children remember this Christmas I know we will.
Our family are truly blessed, we count our blessings and are VERY VERY thankful for all of them, Hopefully Rob will get a job soon, but until then, thank you for your prays and have a Merry Christmas
Happy Hawley Days


  1. Rachel, that was a beautiful post. Truly how Christmas should be.

  2. Its a good example for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HAWLEY ENGLAND LONDON MISSION LOGJanuary 24, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    Your family fills my heart with joy. You have it all. Love, Nana