Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school!!!

School is here and boy are they ready.
Here is one family that will be going with my kids.

She has Mrs Bryson, which was Tanner's teacher and the teacher that I Sub for.
She LOVE being in school.

My Tan Man will be going into Mrs. Bradly Class.
I got to work with her when working at the school.
I think she is the perfect fit for him.

Emma will be doing Pre. School with some of her friends they will start a little latter
she can't wait.
I really can't believe summer is over we had a great time doing things together.
I wish the best for my kids and know they will do there best.
Love you kids

P.S. I asked McKenna how she liked her first day at school she said
" Mrs, Bryson class is way to long."
We had to laugh she is the one the has been doing a count down for school.


  1. Cute pictures! Glad that the kids had a fun 1st day of school. Jackson loved his too!

  2. Love the pictures! First day of school pics are always my favorite, and you got some great ones! Hope this year is wonderful for them!