Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma

Happy Birthday Emma!!!
Emma is two years old this year!
Emma loves her Winne the poo blanket, she loves all music just so she can dance. When ever we go anywhere people stop us and say she is so pretty and ALWAYS say same thing about her looooong lashes. Emma loves to paint herself and color every where, she loves to read. Emma we love you so much, every day we that Heaven Father he gave you to us. Our family is so blessed with you. Emma we love you tons and I hope you have the best number 2 Birthday ever!!!

( Emma was Tagged awhile ago you can see it here just some more info on her)


  1. Yes. They are so close in age! Happy Birthday darling Emma!

  2. Happy Birthday, Emma! Sorry we'll miss you at Emmy's bday tomorrow, but I hope Emma has a great bday!

  3. Oh my gosh she is a Baby Gap Baby if I ever saw one!!! She could seriously be a Gap model! Both your girls could! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!! Hope you are feeling better!! Luv Ya!!