Monday, November 25, 2013

Food for thought.

This would be Tanner every meal time. I could count all the items he ate on one hand. 
I would make two meals every time. It started to get overwhelming when my other son Mason though he could do the same thing. 
I talked to my friend who is a specialist. She wanted me to try this 
1st have Tanner tell you things about the food.
Now one thing about Tanner is if you ask him to describe something he will tell you something he saw and then say it like this.
2nd he can't say any thing bad about the food. 
3rd have Tanner touch the food not eat it but touch . 
4th take a small amount of food and have him put it on the side of his mouth. 
We often put food right on your tongue where your strongest tasted buds are.  Putting the food on the side of the mouth helps out with the tasted. 
I had Tanner do this for the first he eats anything. It may not work every time, but I don't have to make two meals every day now. 
I am so happy that Tanner is trying new foods that are good for him.    

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