Monday, October 13, 2008

Park hopping .

I could not get the kids to look at me all they wanted to do is throw rocks in the river.

Tanner saw me editing the pictures and wanted me to turn him blue.
Blue if you can't guess is his favorite color.

McKenna did not want to get off of this tractor. Luckily there were two more on the playground.

The kids have been so good with the move and everything .I thought I should treat them and go to some Parks. So we went Park hopping we went to three different parks that day. We would have going to more but Tanner had to go to school. I had fun taking pictures of the kids, and the kids had fun playing. It was a great day and they told dad all about each park.


  1. You are such a good Mom to be so patient to take your kids to all of those parks. I think Tanner looks cute blue :)!

  2. Park hopping. Now that's a new concept my kids would LOVE!

  3. I think we only have 3 parks to hop to in town! Looks like lots of fun! :)