Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help me with Potty training.

I need some help to potty train my daughter McKenna. With Tanner I asked my friend Lauren. She was just the ticket that I needed. It took Tanner 3 days and he was done.
McKenna 1 and half.years latter she is still not potty trained. she can go number 1just fine in the toilet, but not number 2. no way. Now I know she can do it I 'v seen her go number 2 but just a hand full of time.
I think I have tried everything. keeping a chart, stickers, candy, taking toys aways, making her clean up her underwear, telling her princess goes to potty in the toilet. not saying anything to her about it and just cleaning her up, getting mad at her and then getting mad at myself, pleading and asking her why she wont go in the toilet. She just looks at me with a glazed look and says nothing. I've tried have Rob help me out with it because dad always means business but that too didn't work.I tried just letting her sit in it and guess what... that didn't work either. I think it bothered me more then it bothered her.
I tried just putting it on hold and putting diapers on her, but she just pulls off her diapers and puts on her underwear. I tried to hide her underwear and she just puts on her pants with out any underwear on and goes number 2 in them. Someone gave me the advice of not using wipe and spray her off in the shower. She hates it but it still isn't working. And I hate doing it to her but I need to replace it with something .I really want to help her go number 2 in the toilet. If anyone has anything please please for love of McKenna and I share. Thank you
O by the ways McKenna is going on 4 years old I would like to put her in preschool and she wants to go but not if it means being potty trained I've tried that too.

Thank you for all the love you have given to me and my family in our times of trail. Love you all.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your potty training dilemma. I feel for you. It sounds like you have tried everything. I say there needs to be a potty training camp we can send them to and they come back potty trained ;). Yeah right. I wish you luck in your endevor I think we might have the same problem when Kelty gets there.
    Oh yeah did your phone number change? Also can I get the name of the restoration cleaner you had clean your carpets, I might need them. I might have good news, I will tell you more later :).
    I hope you are feeling all right, and again if you need anything let me know.

  2. Golly Rach-I'm not one to dish out PT advice. I tried it ALL with Kanoa & thought I'm sure many methods work for some, I am not totally convinced it has something to do inside our little one's brains. They decide!

    I know this because just as I was stocking up on candy rewards, charts, cheap throwaway undies & other bribes, Gabey was already Potty trained.

    But, I'll throw out some lucky PT dust just in case.

  3. Ok so Brenly potty trained kidding. I walk in one day, before she turned 3, and there she was going potty even #2. Joshua, different story. I have been trying to get this kid potty traind for 3 months now!! I really think that it is a brain thing. My other 3 kids were so easy, yes I was using the method I told you about, but this little one is not getting it!! It is frustrating because I was thinking.. I can do this, my other 3 did, with no problems!! I'm in the same boat with you, nothing is working. I really think that they will do it when they are ready. I think that our other children were so easy because they were ready. Keep trying and I will keep trying. Eventually they will go..right??

    Luv ya!!

  4. Will they let her go to preschool in diapers?
    It might be effective that she sees everyone else in big girl pants and she is still in diapers. I know you would not want to embarrass her though.

    I am sorry that nothing is working. Maybe she is just being defiant to your instructions. They have free video rentals at your library where potty training is taught by their favorite character. Dora, winnie the pooh, princesses etc. Maybe if you removed yourself from the situation, she would think it was more cool to go potty cuz "Dora does it that way". No offense to you not being cool, I think you rock, but sometimes even our toddlers get tired of listening to Mom. Just an Idea. Hope it works. Sorry my other advice did not work.
    Good Luck.