Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super Mom

How many times do we hear "I just a Mother" I have to admit I have said it more then I want to share.
I can remember helping Tanner's teacher out, when a lady came in and started helping out to. I was trying to be social and asked her who she was, her reply was "I'm just the teacher aid." I looked at her and said you shouldn't say it like that you should say it like " I"m the Teacher aid!"
She laugh and re-said it again "I'm the teacher aid and who are you" "Oh I'm Tanner's mom." and I quickly pointed him out to her.
I'll get back to the story latter

When Tanner was diagnosed with autism I prayed for help I will always remember the first answer I received it was "play to his strength to over come the weakness" I really did not know what that meant until I wanted to teach him how to talk. I tried everything that the speech therapist tough me and he would not talk for me.
One day I looked at Tanner playing with his toys and notice he talked to them just fine and then it hit me.
Lets play pretend with Tanner I learned allot about Thomas the train and all of his friends I bought lots and lots of Thomas books and movies. Soon he was talking to me and other people. Thomas helped us count, learn about colors, shapes, and even tough us to read.

OK Back to the first story

So why did I say "oh I'm Tanner's mom"
I have taught all of my kids to play to there strengths and then I just shyly said "Oh I'm Tanners mom!?"
Why is that we don't play on our strengths In fact why is it we down play our strengths and bring out our weakness . I'm not just Tanners mom. I'm a mother and Tanner is my son.

Now looking back that answers to my pray was not just for Tanner, but that answer was for me
I'm listing to a book on tape "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson and just on the first part of the introduction it says My path is not your path and your path is unique to you.
We as women need to remember that. Remember that you are a SUPER MOM in spite of what the world says. Play to your strengths I may not be a Coupon clipper, Designer, Cook, or a writer but I'm a mother. so please keep on sharing your straights , I love reading about them!
P.S. Thanks for reading !!


  1. Beautiful post Rach.
    I think it's important to be "Rachel" first, then a Mother. Even though a Mother is the most important hat we wear, we have to keep keep our identity too.

    Tanner is lucky to have you as his Mama! Your work with him has been inspiring to me. Love you.

  2. Very Good story and a lot to learn from. Thanks!


    This column/entry may well be one of the best you've ever shared, and certainly is one all of us should aspire to. Good for you! I hope you get a lot of positive feedback. Good luck tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you. "Blessings on your head!" love, Portia